Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Classic Shot

Here it is! The classic shot of Abby in the washing machine just like her daddy and Pawpaw. As you can tell she thought it was funny! She'll probably look back and wonder what the heck were they thinkin'?! Abby just thought it was something new, nothing unusual.

Zac's 30th Birthday

Well, today I am 30. Hmmm..... feelin' thirty? Yep you bet. Two cars, a wife, kid and a shirt and tie job, yeah, I feel older. Tommorrow is my party at Funtastic! I love that place. Lots of pizza, hot wings and games! Last time I had a birthday party there, it was a surprise. Sarah blindfolded me and took me all the way to Cabot. Although I knew where I was at before taking the blindfold off, I didn't know there was so many people there. This time I know ahead of time, but it should still be a blast! Nothing like going to a place where you can play skee-ball for tickets to keep you young!