Monday, March 17, 2008

Sign language

We've been trying for several months to teach Abby a few signs -- "more", "please", "thank you". It's been kind of futile. I'm not home during the day to reinforce it, so her lessons were pretty random. BUT -- Thursday when she was eating, she started whining because she wanted more of something and when I reminded her of the "more" sign...SHE DID IT!! A little light bulb must have gone off, because we did "please" right after and she did it, too. The sign for "thank you" kind of confuses her because she thinks it's the same thing as blowing kisses. So now we're using those and trying to add "thirsty" and "finished" to her repertoire. And trying to get her to talk some more, especially since she's not using her paci during the day. (YEA!) Lots of work for a little girl...she amazes me every day that I'm with her. If adults kept learning and growing as quickly as kids, we'd have a world full of geniuses.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Aunt Kirsten

I need to do a lot of updating, but we'll have to take it one topic at a time! We'll start with Aunt Kirsten. Kirsten is Zac's oldest little sister....she'll be 16 in a few days. She's become quite the babysitter and Abby adores her. Her first ''real'' almost all day sitting experience was Saturday, March 1. She kept Abby from about 3pm-10pm and had to change her first poopy diaper. (She managed with some technical, over-the-phone support from her friend Michelle). The pictures are from last Sunday (March 2) when she came over to help me clean house because (we thought) someone was going to come look at the house. Unfortunately, the person bailed, but my house was a lot cleaner for it...dusted parts of the house I don't think have been dusted since we moved in. hmmm Anyway, the pictures are of Kirsten getting Abby dressed after her nap. Jeff (my bro-in-law) got Abby and her cousin Megan matching t-shirts....I think it's quite an appropriate shirt for her to be wearing while she's throwing such a fit. lol