Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer updates

I can't believe that summer is over. Here in Utah, we'll probably have snow by the end of October. BLECH!!! So, to keep me happy, here are some pictures and fun captions about more of our summer. :)

At the end of August, my parents came out to visit. Dad stayed for a long weekend so he could see Abby's first soccer game of the season. He's not the type to just sit around and visit and so, of course, lots of projects were finished. :) He helped Zac remove the nasty water feature from our front yard, fixed lots of bike/stroller tires, painted our garage and lots of other random to-do list things. The coolest one, though....he taught Abby to ride her bike with no training wheels!!! YEA!!

As I mentioned, Abby started fall soccer. This is her third season and we decided to keep her in the Draper league for now so she could play with her bff, Jordan. Three of the other kids on our team this year have played with Abby & Gus in the past, so that's been fun, too. Here's a little video; not much Abby action, but she's there!

Sadly, Grampa went home. I love my dad and it was so nice to have him out here to visit and help out around our house. Come back soon, Grampa!!

Good news = we got to keep Grams for a few more weeks! Mom just flew home Wednesday and, I must say, I've broken down a few times since. While it is nice to have just us in our house, I really miss having another grown up to talk to. Mom always helps me with sewing and crafty projects and I love getting to spend time with her. I do pretty well being out here until we have visitors or a holiday comes around; then I usually have multiple melt downs. :( Mom got to be here for some pretty cool stuff, including:

Abby's first day of kindergarten!! Here's the annual pose in front of the school sign:

Lining up along the wall when the bell rang, waiting for Mrs. Johnson

Blowing kisses to parents before going inside

Heading inside - she didn't even look back! She was so excited to go to kindergarten (it helped that her friend, Sabrina, is in her class). Abby loves school and learning new things. Definitely an amazing little girl! :)

Last, but certainly not least, the twins got their first haircuts! My friend Jessica cuts hair out of her house and she gave the babies their first trims. We probably took about two inches off each, just to shape it all up. They needed it pretty badly and look so cute and grown up with their shorter locks! :) They didn't let me get too many good pictures but here are a few:

Cami went first and Emma piddled around, getting in to Jessica's stuff. These two don't know how to leave stuff alone, they want to check out everything!

My sweet Camers was so good for her haircut. She's the only one of my girls that is semi-cooperative when it comes to hair.

Pretty girl!!

Miss Emma is not a fan of having her hair combed, styled or even touched. I'm amazed that she did as well as she did with Jessica cutting it.

She was seriously in need of a cut, too. Emma has always had this little section of hair that was longer than the rest. It hasn't shown as much since her hair has gotten longer but she needed a trim.

Blurry shot of the finished product:

So there's a few highlights of our last few weeks. More to come!! :)