Thursday, March 31, 2011


Another random-ish post, mostly for updates.

When Abby said her prayers tonight, my heart melted! "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. Please help us love Jesus. Please help us all know in our hearts that everybody is special, that Jesus made us all special." LOVE this girl and this age. She's so innocent and unassuming. She loves everyone and loves to make others happy. Sure, she has her moments like any kid but she really is so tender hearted.

We have put offers on two houses this week (that brings the total to three). One is in Draper and would keep us in the same school for Abby (I really want that one!). It is close enough that I could keep my crossing guard job, which would be nice. The other one is in Riverton, just a few miles from here. It's a nice house with more space than the one in Draper....not far from either of our jobs. We are also thinking about putting offers on at least on more. Hopefully we'll hear something this weekend and be able to start making a decision. :)

Things have been going pretty well at 1800contacts. I've been so nervous since we started actually taking phone calls yesterday and it's bugged me. I finally figured it out today when I was coaching with Emma, our trainer. It's been so long since I've felt new and 'uneducated.' I was in banking for six years - even though I switched banks, they're all pretty similar. By the time I left US Bank, I rarely had to ask questions about things, I just knew my stuff. And I've been a sahm for a few years now - I'm pretty comfortable with my abilities there. :) So this humbling experience of being new and not knowing my stuff is not my favorite thing!! But our trainer has been super supportive and has made me feel really good. She told me that I've got the friendliness and the personality - I just need to learn the products and get comfortable. "That's a much better thing than somebody that knows the products but is mean to customers!" is what she added. hahaha Not trying to brag on myself - I guess I just feel the need to boost my self esteem a bit since this whole experience has been so rough on me. I'm probably making it harder on myself but I think that's just what we women do. :)

Zac is doing well at work, too. He should be starting his MBA program in the next few weeks. Combine that with my new job and the house situation and we are accepting any and all prayers we can get!!

The twins are growing quickly and developing their own little personalities. They are happy girls, just like their big sister. Emma is a little parrot and tries to say most everything we do. She says all kinds of things: thank you, hello, backpack (Dora), map (Dora), shoe, socks, bye bye, two, up, down, touchdown...all kinds of fun stuff. She loves to hug, cuddle and be right in the middle of things! (She and Abby have a lot in common with their Aunt Kirsten.) :)

Cami doesn't talk quite as much (doesn't really need to with two big mouth sisters!) but she says plenty: touchdown, thank you, all done, bye bye, eye (she can point to her eyes, ears, nose and mouth). She is a great little helper and is so good at understanding and following simple directions, such as 'bring me your shoes.' She's a little clumsy, though. :) She has a tendency to not pay attention and walk into things or trip over the carpet. She loves to give kisses and is a super sweet girl.

As hectic as life is, I feel so very blessed to have the wonderful family that the Lord has given me. I love my amazing husband and I am so blessed to have such wonderful baby girls. Life is good!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yes, I stink at blogging. I also stink at journaling. So, my children will probably grow up and realize that nothing is recorded and they'll think their mother was asleep the entire time they were growing up.

Well, I hope they remember that their mother was just busy trying to raise them to be capable, amazing adults. That she was trying to enjoy the moments she has with them and help them become all they are capable of being. Cliche, I know. But starting my new part time job has left me dwelling on some things.

Yup, new job. I started training to be a Customer Service Rep at 1800Contacts. From what I've seen, this is going to be a fabulous company to work for. Onsite gym, onsite (heavily subsidized) restaurant, tons of perks, etc. The training schedule is kinda crappy, so my mom is out here for a few weeks to help with babysitting. Once I start my regular schedule, though (after four weeks of training!), it'll be better. Kinda crazy (super early on Sat, Mon, Tues and super late Thurs and Fri) so that I can work around Zac's schedule and we can avoid as much outside babysitting as possible. Although I am taking names for people that want to help with kids when needed, hahaha.

The plan is to use my paycheck to pay off some bills. And, hopefully, I can start to work from home sometime and keep the job part time till the girls go to school. Then, maybe add a few more hours and stash money away in a savings account, once things are paid off. That's the long term plan.

We are still looking for houses. We are so madly in love with one that we found in Pleasant Grove, about 18 miles south of Draper. It's a foreclosure and all that stuff is done - we're just waiting on the stinking bank to list a price. It's so aggravating and we would normally just move on - but something about this house has gotten us. When our realtor, Mark, showed us the house we just felt felt like home. Maybe it's not and maybe we're crazy. Guess we'll see. :) But for right now, we're looking around at other houses and waiting/hoping that this one will hurry up and list.

So, it's been a little stressful around here. Things are changing a lot at Zac's job right now and that's stressful for him. So if you have any room in your prayers/good thoughts, we'd really appreciate them. :)

To leave on a cheerful note, here's some random pictures of our cuties....since I know that's the only reason y'all really read this. hehehe

Enjoying a (rare) nice day outside. The babies got these 'bikes' from Mamaw and love them. Cami's a pro - Emma likes to go backwards. :)

Abby got some press-on nails for Christmas and finally decided to try them. Within five minutes, she wanted them off! They're reusable and are now tucked away in a drawer.

For Christmas, the girls got crocheted baby dolls from "Grandma 'Nita" aka Juanita, one of my mom's bffs. She's like a second mom to me and is always amazing to our kids. They love their dolls and blankets (they all got blankets when they were born). We love our Grandma 'Nita!