Friday, February 29, 2008

Tutts and Elliotts

The day after our anniversary started pretty slow. We got ready for our family pictures which we had decided would be fun to do every year around our anniversary. That went pretty good. Abby was a bit of a pill! Then we preceded to drop off the rental car since my truck was finally fixed and come on home. After a quick bite and doing around, we all came outside to wash the cars. Abby had been taking a nap, so she ate a PB sandwich in the back of my pickup. About the time we got done, John and Ashley showed up ready to take the kids to Burns Park. It was a pretty awesome day! Afterwards we went out for some pizza and salad, the ladies went to Rhea Lana and John and I went swimming at the hotel with the girls. THAT WAS FUN! Two grown men taking 3 little girls swimming. Too bad we didn't get pics, probably looked pretty funny.

Our 4th Anniversary!!!

Yesterday was our 4th anniversary and I had planned a nice day for the two of us. I didn't tell Sarah what we were doing until we needed to get ready. We have been working out and losing weight and I decided we would have an awesome breakfast at Cracker Barrell. Then since our bodies had gotten so used to exercising, I thought it would be fun that we go on a hike to the waterfall at Petit Jean. Here's the description for all of you who are not familiar:

Cedar Falls Trail

Length: 2 miles, 2 hours
Trailhead: Through Mather Lodge breezeway and to the left behind the swimming pool
Cedar Falls, Petit Jean Mountain's 95-foot waterfall, is accessed via a 2-mile hike.
Trail Ends: backtrack to the starting point
Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous
Trail Blaze: Orange
Description: The most popular hiking trail on Petit Jean descends into Cedar Creek Canyon. Only those in good shape should attempt this walk. The park staff recommends wearing shoes or boots that provide ankle support and a firm grip.

The first ½ mile descends more than 200 feet down steps cut from rock by the Civilian Conservation Corps more than 60 years ago. The trail follows beautiful Cedar Creek another ½ mile to the climax of the hike, Cedar Falls, one of the state's most spectacular sights. Cedar Falls cascades more than 90 feet to the canyon floor. Cedar Creek Canyon was added to the register of Arkansas Natural Areas in 1977.

But as a reward, I set us up for a nice couples massage at the local "Massage Shop", and then we went out for dinner at Sakura (Sushi). I think our bodies didn't need all of this extra food though. This morning we woke up feeling funny from all of the extra sugars in our system. But what a wonderful time we had being together and doing things together. We are so glad to have been married now for 4 years and to have such wonderful friends about us.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

18 months of Abby

On Friday (the 22nd) Abby was officially 18 months old. I can't BELIEVE it's been a year and a half since she was born; and over 2 years since I found out I was pregnant. Time flies soooo fast! We've been so blessed by our sweet girl. We've recently started reading scriptures with her every night. She knows that we read a few verses and then she folds her arms to say prayers. It's so awesome how quickly littles ones catch on. My baby's so smart! (Not that I'm biased or anything..haha)

This morning I was getting Abby a banana for breakfast and she pointed to it and said "Nana." Adding that to her little list of words, she's saying a few things now. Zac's sisters said that she said "dishes" the other night. She is in love with babies and wants to hold any baby that we come across. When she holds her baby dolls, she hugs them and is very motherly...too cute! She loves to blow kisses at everybody when we leave somewhere.

I've got to drop off my clothes for the Rhea Lana consignment sale that is this coming week/weekend. I can't believe I'm going to be shopping for 2T summer clothes -- yikes!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Buncha sickos

Took Abby to the doctor yesterday and she officially has the FLU! Yuck. Zac started feeling sick yesterday and when he came home said he was "Aching all over." Again, flu. So we are ALL THREE on Tamiflu. Zac and Abby are on the heavy duty treatment doses and I'm on the prevention dose. On the bright side, when Abby's sick, I get to stay home from work with her! Guess I need to Lysol the house this afternoon...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New blog

One thing I love about my husband -- when he does something, he goes all out! I told him I wanted my blog to look cooler...I wanted a header thing that went all across the top, like Natalie and Erin and that I wanted cooler backdrops (Natalie has a cute one). And I wanted my Friends and that stuff on the side instead of the bottom. I can figure out a lot of technological stuff, but I just didn't feel like trying to figure this out. So, two hours later -- TADA!!! We have a newly designed blog!

Just in case you were wondering, Abby's initials are ACE, that's why he named it ACEBlog...Abigail Christine Elliott.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Crafty stuff...

I like to think of myself as a somewhat crafty person...I LOVE to scrapbook!! It was a sad day when my best bud and scrapbooking pal, Christine, moved to Dallas. But lately I've been thinking about trying other crafty stuff, too.

My mom sews -- very well -- and I figure I probably ought to learn how to do something besides sew a button back onto a pair of pants. I was looking at some patterns and material by Amy Butler and she has a really cute nappy (diaper) bag pattern that I might get brave and try.

My manager at work has gotten into beadwork, making necklaces and bracelets. I'm really impressed with what she makes; it looks like stuff you'd pay $30+ for at some department stores. So I might try that, too....

And then Zac wants me to try selling Mary Kay or something like that...something that will make some $$ so that we can speed up the Stay At Home Mom process.

There's just not enough time in the day.....