Monday, August 08, 2011


Does anybody know how to change the main gmail address on your Blogger account? It's linked to one that we don't really use anymore and I'd like to link it to my gmail so that I can possibly blog from my!

I'm still alive!!

I am so ashamed. I seriously do want to blog. Our internet situation has been crazy since we've moved - my desktop is set up downstairs and our current router isn't strong enough to reach down there (or I need a special cord...or something like that. haha). That makes Zac's laptop our only internet option. I can Facebook and check email from my phone during the day but rarely actually have time to get on the real computer until the kids are in bed. By that time, Zac needs the laptop to do his homework. computer time for me. :(

Things are still crazy around here - I am starting to think that will never change. haha We took the twins to the GI and they haven't had any problems with their tummies since. I guess it scared them straight! :) Soooo grateful that's over...we washed enough sheets, blankets, towels, clothes and carseat covers for a lifetime!!

Zac, as I mentioned is still working on his MBA. I thought that finishing school was hard when we were newlyweds but doing it with three small kids, a wife and a full time job is really a lot! He's doing well so far - but we appreciate any positive thoughts you might have! :)

So far, we've had two sets of guests in our new house! Meemaw and Pa (Zac's grandma and her hubby) came to visit earlier this summer for a couple of days on their way back home to AR from CA. We loved having them - I always tell Zac that, besides him, Meemaw is one of the greatest things I got from our marriage. :) The girls loved having the company and so did we. It was right in the middle of the babies tummy issues and it was so nice for Zac and me to have someone else to talk to and something to focus on besides our own problems! :)

Then during the last two weeks in July Zac's parents and sisters came to visit. They took a couple day detour to Denver (Abby went, too!) and then we did some fun things around Utah. Pawpaw and Zac built a swingset for the girls' birthdays, we shopped, took a day trip to Capitol Reef/Goblin State Park, fixed up my front flower bed and just hung out. Definitely a fun visit! During all of this, we asked my MIL to take some family pics of us. Unfortunately, we decided to take them in the afternoon, which isn't my girls' best time of day. But we did manage to get some fun shots, hope you enjoy them!!

That should do for now. I PROMISE to update again by the end of the week! :) I'm also hoping to get some new recipes up on my food blog, I've tried some yummy stuff lately. Leave me some comment love and let me know how y'all are doing!

We started off on the couch, in all our Razorback gear. GO HOGS!!!!
(We have to represent the Hogs in Utah!)


After the couch idea went downhill (I'll post those pics later!) we decided to try the stairs. It's the girls' favorite place to hangout and we thought it might add a fun element. Crazy might be a better word. :)

Abby insisted that we have a picture of us together. I love this girl!

And pretty much head over heels for this guy. :)

We never get just normal pics...always have to add something goofy!

Always showing off his big mouth....
....and Kirsten was not impressed. :)

Silly siblings!!