Thursday, July 22, 2010

What we've been up to...

I promise, I really do love to blog. Since I've been getting a lot of complaints lately about the lack of blogs/pictures, here we go! A little recap of what we've been up to...the pictures are a little out of chronological order but I've dated them.

(07/02/2010) My bff, Christine, and her hubby, Mitch, came to visit. Mitch surprised her with the trip for her birthday - YEA!!!! Christine played with the babies while lucky Mitch got to entertain Abby. :)

Hi, Emma!

For Christine's birthday, we grilled steaks and got cupcakes at The Sweet Tooth Fairy. YUMMY!

(07/16/2010) Abby attended a three-day Princess Camp that a couple of teens at church hosted. She had a blast! On the last day, they had a Princess Parade for all the moms to watch. They learned "helpful princess manners" as part of the camp. Here's Abby, showing off her curtsy.

Getting her certificate and her pink tote bag.

(07/07/2010) Came around the corner and discovered the "paper trash" (recycling) had been knocked over.


(07/12/2010) And the climbing has started. I don't have a picture of Emma climbing but, trust me, she's done her fair share! We have since eliminated the shelf with the black diaper basket and moved all of the boxes and the safe out of the living room.

(07/14/2010) Abby got some Play Doh from the librarian and insisted that we HAD to play with all of it. Once the babies were napping, the creativity began to flow. She wanted all the colors mixed (I didn't complain - it was almost too dry to use and free, imitation Doh anyway). We made snakes, balls, sticks, AND....

...a snowman. Snowlady, actually, since Abby insisted it was a girl. Don't you love her multi-colored hair? :)

(07/01/2010) We made spaghetti for dinner and decided the babies would like it. And boy, did they! Both girls are huge fans of 'real' food. (Except that Emma HATES scrambled eggs!) That night we had spaghetti and green beans.

(07/01/2010) We've been working on kisses a lot lately! They're both pretty good at giving slobbery, open-mouth kisses! :)

Emma wasn't in the mood to give kisses. But she always loves to get kisses on her cheek chub.

(07/14/2010) I've titled this picture, "Crazy Camers."