Monday, September 29, 2008


Draper, Utah - here come the Elliotts! EIK!!! Zac got the call this afternoon and called me at work. I finished up my stuff, handed it to the other banker and left. Tonight we went to dinner with our parents and tomorrow we're going to hang out with some more family and leave WEDNESDAY MORNING. EIK!!!! I'm soooo freaking out. I'm thrilled that the Lord has given us this opportunity - I'll be able to stay home and Zac is getting promoted. It's exactly what we wanted....and so I feel like a selfish, spoiled brat because I'm upset that it's far away.

More updates to come. I think I'm going to go ball myself up in a corner and rock back and forth for awhile....

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Zac interviewed (by phone) on Friday for a sales position in Draper, Utah. UTAH!?!?!? I knew that moving was a potential in this job, but I was so hoping for Texas or Missourri or something. I need to stay in the SEC. lol

He is 'supposed' to be finding out tomorrow whether or not he got the job. And then we'll be moving....quickly. Like, way faster than I would like.

I'm trying not to stress out too much until I know something for sure. Trying....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Allergy update

So the update is....I'm not really sure.

Christy called to give me the info on the note Dr. Miers left (Dr. Miers is off on Wednesday afternoon). She said, "Cholesterol and triglycerides (sp?) look great and as far as allergies, egg whites and milk are high, with a moderate allergy to wheat."


First - checking cholesterol and all that on a 2 yr old? Really?

Second - Abby eats toast and scrambled eggs almost everyday; this was the first I've EVER heard about wheat or egg allergies.

Third - She's tolerating some cheese and stuff ok, so Zac and I figured that the milk allergy would be much better if not gone. We definitely didn't expect the allergy rating or whatever to triple like she told me it did.

Christy could tell I was thoroughly confused at her information and she put me on hold a few times to clarify with Debbie, Dr. Mier's main nurse. (Note: Hope and I went to school with Debbie's kids, so she knows our family.) Apparently, the clinic is using a new lab now and they automatically run the cholesterol and stuff. They also run the entire gamut of allergy tests. And here's where I should probably give some background.

After our long, AWFUL, terrible, horrible, insanely ridiculous trip to Children's Hospital when Abby was about 2 mos old and puking incessantly (can you tell I hate that place?), they ran her blood and it showed very high allergies to soy and milk. In fact, at her follow up with Dr. Miers, she said they was some of the highest ratings she'd ever seen and not to expect them to go away. And so, after I finally gave up on trying to nurse, we went to $25/can Nutramigen. At Abby's 1 yr checkup, Dr. Miers tested her blood again and it showed that the soy allergy was gone but the milk allergy was still hanging around. And so, we've stayed away from milk. When we've given her milk products the last few months, she's not having reactions to it. So I am very, very, very confused about the test results I got today.

Christy is leaving a note for Dr. Miers to examine the file again and I'm hoping that the Dr. will call me tomorrow. I'll let you know when I know.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hope you like the Fall colors!

Trying something different for Sarah----Zac.
Hey Nikki, if you need some help just let me know.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just a quick note...

Abby's 2 yr checkup is this afternoon. They'll be drawing blood (oh boy...) to test her food allergies. From our unscientific mini trials, Zac and I think her allergies are getting better. If you could insert a little line for our baby girl into your prayers today, we would really appreciate it! I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This week's schedule

So we'll try posting a week's schedule on Sunday and see how Zac does with it. lol

Sunday, Sept 14
*My nephew, Christopher, turns 17. Eik!
*FHE with the Call and Backus families at our house

Monday, Sept 15
*Sarah works 7am-4pm
*Zac works 9am-9pm
*Pick up Rhea Lana check and unsold merchandise

Tuesday, Sept 16
*Sarah works 9:15am-6:15pm
*Zac works 9am-9pm

Wednesday, Sept 17
*Sarah works 9:15am-6:15pm
*Zac works 9am-3:30pm
*Zac to church with Young Men

Thursday, Sept 18
*Sarah works 7:30am-11:30am
*Zac off work
*Abby's 2 yr checkup at 2pm
*Two consignment sales start: Duck Duck Goose in Little Rock and Jack & Jill in Cabot

Friday, Sept 19
*Sarah works 7:30am-4:30pm
*Zac off work
*Jack & Jill 1/2 price sale
*NLRHS v SHHS football game - gotta support Joey!

Saturday, Sept 20
*Sarah works 8:30am-12:30pm
*Zac works 9am-9pm
*Duck Duck Goose 1/2 price sale

Playing catch up

Ok, so I need to play a little bit of catch up here. So here we go....

These first two pictures were taken on the morning of Aug 29, after Abby's second night in her toddler bed. She's done so well in it! (I hope saying that doesn't jinx us!) When we were in our house, we had her bed in a corner, with the spare crib mattress coming out from under it as kind of a landing pad because Abby moves A LOT in her sleep. When I checked on her after putting her down her first night in the bed, she was kneeling on the lower mattress onto the bed, almost like she was praying, so I lifted her back in and laid her out. Too cute. Now that we're at Meemaw's house, we've sort of land-locked her between the twin bed and the dresser in 'her' room.

Sleeping beauty....

What a big girl!!

On Friday, Sept 5, we officially closed on
(sold) our house! As excited and anxious as we'd been for that day, I was kind of sad when it finally came. We closed on (bought) the house two days before our wedding and it's been the place for all of our big events so far. Our first Christmas, first anniversary, first child's birth. When we backed out of the driveway after handing the keys over, I cried. And so did Zac. We're such sentimental boobs.

We got our buyers to take a picture of us in front of the house that's no longer ours...

And I took a picture of Wade and Mandy in front of their new house.

And then we went to celebrate! lol For those of you who don't know, Zac and I are huge sushi fans. When we started dating, I pretty much didn't eat anything except chicken and cheese. Since then, I've started eating LOTS of different things that I would never have eaten before - my Mamaw gets a big kick out of pointing this out.

Anyway, so we wanted to go eat at Mt. Fuji, the greatest Japanese restaurant in Little Rock. (Oh, I crave the sushi just talking about...) Zac discovered earlier that week that Nathan, who manages the store next door, is a sushi fan. And Shawn, Zac's mgr, had finally tried it for the second time and decided he would try more. Kelli (Shawn's wife) and Emilee (Nathan's wife) were also new to the sushi experience. And so, we had a triple date night to Mt. Fuji - YEA!!!

Nathan, Zac and I instructed everyone on what to order so that everyone could try the best stuff. Zac and I were being money-spending fatties, since we had a little bit of house money to spend, and ordered appetizers to share. Everyone liked the tempura, gyoza and fried tofu that we ordered. Then we got a few different types of rolls - the King Crab roll is Zac's fave and mine is the Mt Fuji roll. YUMMY!!! And I am proud to say that everyone enjoyed their sushi!! I loved introducing people to new foods, especially since I'm usually the one being's kinda nice to be the so-called expert on something every once in awhile.

The boys - Shawn, Zac and Nathan

Us girls - Emilee, me, and Kelli

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Buffalo River MMM-K!!!

I haven't been able to upload anything for awhile, but here are a few pictures of me and the boys on the Buffalo River trip August 15th. The picture on the left.... Matt, Sam, Tanu, Shawn and Joey. Below... Taua'I left, (top to bottom), Lance, Matt, Joey and Mr. T, Shawn right. The trip to the Buffalo was a blast. We camped at South Maumee, 7 miles north down a dirt road from Morning Star, Arkansas. Shawn, Sam, and I got there on Wednesday at about noon. We set up camp and then went swimming all day except for the occassional grilled burgers and brats back at camp.

That night the rest of the guys got there. We sat around talking for quite a while, some of the young men stayed up the entire night. We woke up about 5am to get started on breakfast burritoes and so we could get ready to meet the bus with canoes by 8 am. The pictures are from the trip.... North Maumee (just the other side of the river) to Highway 14 bridge. We stopped for lunch (ham & turkey sandwiches, Nacho cheese Doritoes and Sunchips for Tanu) and that is where these pictures are from. The tower is pretty cool huh? We sure had a lot of fun!

The night we got back, we made hobo dinners and fresh strawberry/banana cobbler before the storm came.---Zac.

Our family calendar

I keep a four week calendar on our fridge so that we (I) will know what's going on. From the time we got together, Zac has referred to me as his 'day planner.' I love the man, but he rarely (I won't say never because it sounds mean) remembers what we have going and when. Tonight he joked "You should put our calendar on here...then I'd actually look at it." Since the blog is our home page, I figured it might be worth a shot. So, here's our schedule for the rest of the week!

Wednesday, Sept 10
*Sarah works 8:00am-5:00pm (Going to try to hit the gym after that)
*Zac works 9:00am-3:30pm
*Zac goes to Mutual with the Young Men

Thursday, Sept 11
*Sarah works 7:30am-4:30pm (Again, may be hitting the gym)
*Zac off work - empty out/rearrange storage buildings
*Sarah shopping at Rhea Lana 1/2 price sale at 7:00pm

Friday, Sept 12
*Sarah works 9:15am-6:15pm
*Zac off work - probably working in the storage building/house again
*Sarah goes to Scrapbook/Craft Night 7:00pm-midnight (WOOO HOOO!!!)

Saturday, Sept 13
*Sarah off work at bank - working Rhea Lana sale 3:30pm-8:30pm
*Zac works 9:00am-9:00pm (STINK!)

Sunday, Sept 14
*I think it's our turn to do FHE with the Backus and Call families....Natalie, Kelli - are you reading this?

Stay tuned for next week's I'll let you know how Zac did on keeping up this week!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quick update

Ok, I have to get to packing, but I wanted to let everybody know that we close on the house THURSDAY! Now we just have to figure out what the job situation holds....eik!