Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Buffalo River MMM-K!!!

I haven't been able to upload anything for awhile, but here are a few pictures of me and the boys on the Buffalo River trip August 15th. The picture on the left.... Matt, Sam, Tanu, Shawn and Joey. Below... Taua'I left, (top to bottom), Lance, Matt, Joey and Mr. T, Shawn right. The trip to the Buffalo was a blast. We camped at South Maumee, 7 miles north down a dirt road from Morning Star, Arkansas. Shawn, Sam, and I got there on Wednesday at about noon. We set up camp and then went swimming all day except for the occassional grilled burgers and brats back at camp.

That night the rest of the guys got there. We sat around talking for quite a while, some of the young men stayed up the entire night. We woke up about 5am to get started on breakfast burritoes and so we could get ready to meet the bus with canoes by 8 am. The pictures are from the trip.... North Maumee (just the other side of the river) to Highway 14 bridge. We stopped for lunch (ham & turkey sandwiches, Nacho cheese Doritoes and Sunchips for Tanu) and that is where these pictures are from. The tower is pretty cool huh? We sure had a lot of fun!

The night we got back, we made hobo dinners and fresh strawberry/banana cobbler before the storm came.---Zac.

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