Saturday, September 13, 2008

Playing catch up

Ok, so I need to play a little bit of catch up here. So here we go....

These first two pictures were taken on the morning of Aug 29, after Abby's second night in her toddler bed. She's done so well in it! (I hope saying that doesn't jinx us!) When we were in our house, we had her bed in a corner, with the spare crib mattress coming out from under it as kind of a landing pad because Abby moves A LOT in her sleep. When I checked on her after putting her down her first night in the bed, she was kneeling on the lower mattress onto the bed, almost like she was praying, so I lifted her back in and laid her out. Too cute. Now that we're at Meemaw's house, we've sort of land-locked her between the twin bed and the dresser in 'her' room.

Sleeping beauty....

What a big girl!!

On Friday, Sept 5, we officially closed on
(sold) our house! As excited and anxious as we'd been for that day, I was kind of sad when it finally came. We closed on (bought) the house two days before our wedding and it's been the place for all of our big events so far. Our first Christmas, first anniversary, first child's birth. When we backed out of the driveway after handing the keys over, I cried. And so did Zac. We're such sentimental boobs.

We got our buyers to take a picture of us in front of the house that's no longer ours...

And I took a picture of Wade and Mandy in front of their new house.

And then we went to celebrate! lol For those of you who don't know, Zac and I are huge sushi fans. When we started dating, I pretty much didn't eat anything except chicken and cheese. Since then, I've started eating LOTS of different things that I would never have eaten before - my Mamaw gets a big kick out of pointing this out.

Anyway, so we wanted to go eat at Mt. Fuji, the greatest Japanese restaurant in Little Rock. (Oh, I crave the sushi just talking about...) Zac discovered earlier that week that Nathan, who manages the store next door, is a sushi fan. And Shawn, Zac's mgr, had finally tried it for the second time and decided he would try more. Kelli (Shawn's wife) and Emilee (Nathan's wife) were also new to the sushi experience. And so, we had a triple date night to Mt. Fuji - YEA!!!

Nathan, Zac and I instructed everyone on what to order so that everyone could try the best stuff. Zac and I were being money-spending fatties, since we had a little bit of house money to spend, and ordered appetizers to share. Everyone liked the tempura, gyoza and fried tofu that we ordered. Then we got a few different types of rolls - the King Crab roll is Zac's fave and mine is the Mt Fuji roll. YUMMY!!! And I am proud to say that everyone enjoyed their sushi!! I loved introducing people to new foods, especially since I'm usually the one being's kinda nice to be the so-called expert on something every once in awhile.

The boys - Shawn, Zac and Nathan

Us girls - Emilee, me, and Kelli


emphoto2003 said...

Awww...I ALWAYS cry when I move and leave my house. The couple that bought the house looks so cute and young. I'm sure they'll make many good memories there like you and Zac have.

What are your plans for the future? Just hanging at Zac's grandma's house?

Elliott family said...

We're waiting on Heavenly Father to tell us what our plans are. :o) Right now we are enjoying the rent-free life (we're only paying utilities here). Finishing paying off what little bit is left of our non-student loan debt.

The couple that bought our house is pretty cute. They won't be moving in till after their wedding next month, so they are doing some fixing up. Cool story - Wade (the groom-to-be) is the grandson of the guy that built the house. Wade's great-grandma lived in the house and after she died, her son (Wade's grampa) sold it and, years later, they are buying it. Cool, huh?

TroxelTribe said...

Wow, Abby is such a big girl! We haven't tried moving Sophie yet b/c basically I just don't want to deal with it with a new baby coming! lol I can totally understand your crying when leaving your house for the last time. It's nice you got a pic of the new couple too - like you're passing on the good memories and feelings. Hopefully they won't have to use the tornado shelter!!!

I'm excited for your next big move! :) You'll have to let us know the minute you know!

emphoto2003 said...

That is so cool. Also shocking that anyone these days waits to live together before marriage! Good for them!!

It must feel great to get the debt off your back. Congrats!

Emilee said...

Yeah for Sushi night! That was so fun! We need to do that again. Call that limo driver and see if he can drive us around town again, k?