Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Allergy update

So the update is....I'm not really sure.

Christy called to give me the info on the note Dr. Miers left (Dr. Miers is off on Wednesday afternoon). She said, "Cholesterol and triglycerides (sp?) look great and as far as allergies, egg whites and milk are high, with a moderate allergy to wheat."


First - checking cholesterol and all that on a 2 yr old? Really?

Second - Abby eats toast and scrambled eggs almost everyday; this was the first I've EVER heard about wheat or egg allergies.

Third - She's tolerating some cheese and stuff ok, so Zac and I figured that the milk allergy would be much better if not gone. We definitely didn't expect the allergy rating or whatever to triple like she told me it did.

Christy could tell I was thoroughly confused at her information and she put me on hold a few times to clarify with Debbie, Dr. Mier's main nurse. (Note: Hope and I went to school with Debbie's kids, so she knows our family.) Apparently, the clinic is using a new lab now and they automatically run the cholesterol and stuff. They also run the entire gamut of allergy tests. And here's where I should probably give some background.

After our long, AWFUL, terrible, horrible, insanely ridiculous trip to Children's Hospital when Abby was about 2 mos old and puking incessantly (can you tell I hate that place?), they ran her blood and it showed very high allergies to soy and milk. In fact, at her follow up with Dr. Miers, she said they was some of the highest ratings she'd ever seen and not to expect them to go away. And so, after I finally gave up on trying to nurse, we went to $25/can Nutramigen. At Abby's 1 yr checkup, Dr. Miers tested her blood again and it showed that the soy allergy was gone but the milk allergy was still hanging around. And so, we've stayed away from milk. When we've given her milk products the last few months, she's not having reactions to it. So I am very, very, very confused about the test results I got today.

Christy is leaving a note for Dr. Miers to examine the file again and I'm hoping that the Dr. will call me tomorrow. I'll let you know when I know.


Christine Allison said...

Hmmm. I just don't know either. Maybe the 'new' lab got something mixed up?? Good luck friend and keep me posted!!

Jennifer said...

That does sound confusing! Couple of things to keep in mind, some allergies take a year or two to even show up. Eggs could be new. A friend of mine has a boy who developed a severe allergy to nuts at age three after he'd been eating peanut butter for over a year.

Another thing, have you seen an allergy specialist? I would recommend you get under the care of one. We love ours, her name is Dr. Graham. She has an office behind the new Walgreen's at North Hills and McCain. Rachel sees her and she is great. My friend's son also sees her.

And last, even four years ago when Rachel was two, Dr. Miers was running standard cholesterol tests. I remember it again when Rebekah went for her two year check up. And you would be surprised, there are a lot of kids running around with high cholesterol - one of which was in Rebekah's MDO class two years ago. He lived on a diet of nothing but eggs and ramen noodles.

Good luck and I'll pray for nothing but good news. Living with food allergies is NO fun!

TroxelTribe said...

That's odd... I hope they get it all straightened out!