Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, happy day.....



Giveaway fun...

Hey! Check out these two giveaway sites for some awesome stuff! Give Away Today has several things you can enter to win, lots of fun stuff! I just recently discovered Everyday Giveaway and today they're giving away a $200 Visa gift card. We could all use that!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Silly girl...

Abby and I spent this morning running errands. We were getting out of the car at Best Buy and somebody's car beeped when it locked. Here's the conversation:

Abby: "What's that beep?"

Me: "Somebody locked their car."

Abby: "And their car beeped?"

Me: "Yup."

Abby: "Oh. That sounds serious."

I thought it was hilarious....maybe you had to be there? :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Belly pictures #3

Pictures really don't do this belly enough justice. I wore my 'Easter' dress to church again (the one my mom made for me) and.....the belly was a LOT tighter than it was at Easter! I got a lot of comments today at church regarding my sprouting belly. I really am feeling enormous....everything in my belly area feels SO tight and uncomfortable. It kind of worries me, because I still have awhile to go. I guess we'll see what happens.

FYI - My 40 wk due date is August 19. Since 37 wks is considered average for twins, that would put us around July 29. Meemaw says the babies will come on July 31, her birthday. She guessed right on Abby's birthday, so I guess we'll see what happens. :)

Anyway, for your viewing entertainment and because I figured you could all use a good smile, here I am in my enormous-ness. Today I'm at 27.5 weeks. If you are looking for a comparison, here are the other two belly posts I've done: the first at 16.5 weeks and the second at 21.5 weeks. Enjoy! :)

Yeah, I know I make weird faces in all these pictures. I can't help it. The last one is actually because Zac caught me off guard. Just a side note...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catching up...

I have a lot of blogging topics going through my head, but have yet to sit down and compose the posts. So, I'll just update you on a couple of Abby's latest, crazy things.

**When I have to pick her up because she's not acting right, not holding hands, etc, she will start to yell, "No Mommy, I got bears in my tummy! Weave me awone!" I have no clue where this came from. She has been told several times that she can't jump on me because I have babies in my tummy - maybe she put her own twist on it. Smart little thing. :) The funniest/worst part is that she YELLS the grocery store, in the library, in church...she's not partial.

**This one might not make much sense if you're not LDS. (side note: We believe that worthy priesthood holders can administer blessings to the sick and others in need.) Abby has received a few blessings from Zac and I guess they made quite an impression on her. The other day, I kind of yelped a little when my back caught as I was sitting down. She ran over and said, "Mommy, what's wrong?" I told her I was fine, that my back just hurt a little. She put her hands on my head and said, "Heavenly Father, thank you this day. Amen. You feel better now, Mommy?" Strangely, I did. :)

**I've been trying to put Abby's hand on my belly when the babies are moving. So far, I don't think she's really felt anything strong enough to understand what's going on. The other day, we were sitting on the couch together and dinner time was approaching. Abby was sitting on my lap and my stomach growled. She looked at me and said, "Mommy, I hear the babies!"

**Her new favorite conversation starter, whether during the day or at 4:00am is to remind us, "My birthday August. We have party cake with party hats and bwoons and PRESENTS!!"

And last, but not least...

**I've been trying to teach her about introducting herself to other kids at the park. I've been telling her that if she sees someone she wants to play with, she should say, "Hi, I'm Abby. Do you want to play?" or something along those lines. Last week we were at the park and she went up to a little girl about her age. I couldn't hear everything she said, I only caught the "My Mommy says..." The other girl's mom smiled and kind of laughed. I must have had a questioning look on my face because she filled me in on what Abby had said.
"My mommy said I need to take a bath."
Not quite what I'd had in mind for an introductory statement, but hey....we're working on it. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not much longer...

I just noticed that the Baby Countdown on my blog shows 100 days left. EIK!!!! On Wednesday, I'll be 26 weeks pregnant. Which leaves me 14 weeks. That's just not much time....

It's crazy being pregnant, I think, especially since this isn't my first pregnancy. As much as I'm ready to NOT be pregnant - I'm not sure I'm ready for two more little girls to join our family! Very mixed emotions going on here!!

I have a dr appt tomorrow, just a 'Hey, how's it going' kind of check up. On May 26, we'll have another ultrasound. These little girls are coming soon!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Abby says...

Today when we pulled up in the parking lot at church, this conversation was going on in our van:

Abby: "Mommy, Jesus hurt himself."
Me: "Uh oh, what happened?"
Abby: "He hurt his head."
Me: "Oh. Is he better now?"
Abby: "Yup, Heavenly Father make it better. Heavenly Father and Jesus love me."

Too cute. A nice way to start Mother's Day, knowing that she's thinking about Heavenly Father and Jesus. And then tonight, she put similar words to 'music' while holding the hymnal open and singing a song she made up. We're creating a future Grammy winner. :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another poll

When we brought Abby home from the hospital, she was wearing a pink Razorback onesie that her Grampa got her. If I follow suit and dress these babies in a sports team, which one should I choose?? Here are your options:

**Razorbacks!!! It is our home team, after all!! And it would stand out a little bit amid all the Utah teams....

**BYU Cougars - this was my second suggestion when Zac and I had this discussion. We're LDS, it's a Church-owned get the drift.

**University of Utah Utes - Then Zac reminded me that we'll be delivering at the University of Utah hospital. Miiiiiight not be a good idea to be showing Cougar love.

**Utah Jazz - Since we now live in an area that has an NBA team, should we ditch the NCAA and support the Jazz?

I know which one I prefer, but I thought it would be fun to get some other opinions. :) Let me know what you think - the poll is on the right!! ~~~>

Monday, May 04, 2009


If you have small kids - or grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc - you should check out my friend Erin's blog. She sells customized character party stuff, incentive charts, etc. and is having a giveaway! Go take a look!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cooking with Abby

I've been doing a lot more cooking since we moved and I became a SAHM. It's been fun trying new recipes and seeing how much money I can try to save. I'm still new at it, but we can definitely tell a huge difference in the food bill by cooking rather than eating out or getting convenience foods. Abby has become a great little sous chef. She loves to "sit on counter, pwease!" and help add ingredients and mix things up.

She does a great job of spreading sauce on our homemade pizzas....

And when we made quesadillas, she did a great job of, uh, trimming the tortillas to size. Kidding - we didn't use this one. She just likes to eat "tiyos."

And yesterday we made cookies. I somehow managed to keep her fingers out of the bowl; she loves to eat whatever I'm making, at whatever stage she can get a hold of it. So I gave her the beater when we were done. (Yes, I know, it's got raw eggs in it.)

Love the smile of a happy kiddo! :) Makes a happy Mommy, too!

Feeding the ducks

Our apartment complex has a pond that is home to several ducks and geese. We've taken Abby down there several times to "feed bread to the gucks." She looooves to feed the ducks!

These ducks are insane - as soon as they see somebody walking toward the pond, they start swimming over. Abby thought it was awesome. After a few tries, we were able to get her to throw small pieces of bread instead of half a piece at a time! We even found a couple of ducks that could catch the bread mid-air! :)

A few nights later, we were making dinner and noticed some movement outside - our ducks found us! Abby started yelling, "I need bread for gucks!! I need bread for gucks!!" so we gave her some and she fed them over the railing. Now they come back a few times a week around dinner time - these same two ducks! They're getting brave and coming closer to the railing each time. Abby has so much fun with her new 'pets.' And since Zac and I have zero desire to have real pets, I'm glad she has this substitute! :)