Sunday, May 03, 2009

Feeding the ducks

Our apartment complex has a pond that is home to several ducks and geese. We've taken Abby down there several times to "feed bread to the gucks." She looooves to feed the ducks!

These ducks are insane - as soon as they see somebody walking toward the pond, they start swimming over. Abby thought it was awesome. After a few tries, we were able to get her to throw small pieces of bread instead of half a piece at a time! We even found a couple of ducks that could catch the bread mid-air! :)

A few nights later, we were making dinner and noticed some movement outside - our ducks found us! Abby started yelling, "I need bread for gucks!! I need bread for gucks!!" so we gave her some and she fed them over the railing. Now they come back a few times a week around dinner time - these same two ducks! They're getting brave and coming closer to the railing each time. Abby has so much fun with her new 'pets.' And since Zac and I have zero desire to have real pets, I'm glad she has this substitute! :)

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