Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cooking with Abby

I've been doing a lot more cooking since we moved and I became a SAHM. It's been fun trying new recipes and seeing how much money I can try to save. I'm still new at it, but we can definitely tell a huge difference in the food bill by cooking rather than eating out or getting convenience foods. Abby has become a great little sous chef. She loves to "sit on counter, pwease!" and help add ingredients and mix things up.

She does a great job of spreading sauce on our homemade pizzas....

And when we made quesadillas, she did a great job of, uh, trimming the tortillas to size. Kidding - we didn't use this one. She just likes to eat "tiyos."

And yesterday we made cookies. I somehow managed to keep her fingers out of the bowl; she loves to eat whatever I'm making, at whatever stage she can get a hold of it. So I gave her the beater when we were done. (Yes, I know, it's got raw eggs in it.)

Love the smile of a happy kiddo! :) Makes a happy Mommy, too!


TroxelTribe said...

Come on, we ate truckloads of raw cookie dough when we were kids! It's part of the experience and joy of making cookies :D
Yay for cooking with kiddos! It's so hard sometimes, but I keep reminding myself that we're building memories and talents... :) Sophie loves to help and watch too. We get the stool out and she watches a lot (our counters are practically non-existent). She especially loves spreading cheese on enchiladas, etc. Yay!

Elliott Mom said...

My point exactly. Missing out on cookie dough eating is just sad. :)

Yeah, it takes about twice as long to cook with her. But, like you said, I want her to remember good experiences...AND be able to cook. :)

Mary said...

Eating the cookie dough is my favorite part of making cookies!!! - Abby is so cute - takes longer to cook with your kids but it is worth it.

Morgan Koji said...

Raw Cookie Dough is the best!! It's all I can do to keep Kirra out of the Brownie Mix, cookie dough, even bread! We all survived. Now that you have cooking down a little, you should add bread making. That's Kirra favorite thing to help with!