Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scripture reading

Last night we read Matthew 2 for our scripture. (It's actually a hybrid storytelling/scripture reading for Abby...but it works!) This is the chapter that talks about the wise men coming to see Jesus and the angels giving warnings to protect the baby Jesus from King Herod. Abby wanted to say our family prayer after that and in her prayer she said,

"Thank you for keeping baby Jesus safe so that we could love Him."

I nearly cried. I love this girl! She's been asking so many questions about Jesus, Heaven, etc. and it's been so interesting to see how her mind works. Love her!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I know I've been gone for awhile! I was in Arkansas visiting family for about six weeks and never managed to find time to update. It's funny how I was there, with help for the kids, and stayed busier than I am when I'm here by myself. Go figure. :)

I've also been so upset that I screwed up my blog template that I haven't wanted to post. Working on fixing that. Grrr. (Thanks, Jess!)

If nothing else, I wanted to get up a post about Emma's upcoming surgery. Our baby girl needs tubes in her ears and the big day is next Friday, January 21. We took her to the ENT yesterday and made the final decision.

Dr. Kelley looked in her ears and told us she had fluid in there - even though she just finished up a back-to-back dose of antibiotics. The fluid could have been in there for two weeks or several months. He went ahead and had her hearing checked, too. I went in a sound booth with her on my lap. The audiologist lit up a box right in front of us and then would play sounds, at varying volumes, in side speakers. Emma didn't react at all to the lower volume sounds. At this point, I'm trying not to cry!! I know there are worse things but having a child with hearing problems is a huge fear of mine. After the sound booth, she did another test that measures the ear drum's reaction to sound from an earpiece. Normally, the reading should print out in waves....Emma's was nearly flat in both ears.

So, this fluid needs to GO! Next Friday was the first available appointment and I jumped on it. We'll have to be at the Primary Children's clinic in Riverton around 6:30am. (ick) She'll go under a general anesthesia and the procedure takes about 15 minutes. I know that tubes are common and they do them all the time but it's still a bit nerve-wracking to know that your baby is going under anesthesia! So if you have room for an extra little prayer for our family, we'd appreciate it!