Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat!!

I've been planning the girls' Halloween costumes for awhile now. The twins were Thing 1 & Thing 2 last year. I wanted Abby to go as Cat in the Hat last year but I found a cute, NEW ladybug costume for $1 at a garage sale. babies, awful c-section recovery, busybody 3 yr old...yup, purchased ladybug costume it was!!!

So this year, I was really hoping I could pull off all three characters. Thanks to the new PBS show, The Cat in the Hat Knows About That, Abby was a willing participant!! (Although, as Halloween drew closer, she frequently changed her costume requests. The most common requests were Ariel or Iron Man. Go figure.)

Last Friday, Zac and I went on a double date with our good buddies, the Bruces. After dinner, we hit Toys R Us and Target to do some no-kids-around Christmas shopping. At Toys R Us, they had Shrek ears on clearance. And our creative wheels started spinning. :)

Ha!! I made the babies' outfits from adult size thrift store t-shirts that I cut down, turned inside out and stitched up. Then I added white felt tummies. I followed the same method for Abby's t-shirt and then added black pants that she already had. I was SO PROUD of the twins' hats - I made yarn tassels and sewed them to Dollar Store knit hats. Too bad the babies weren't quite so proud of my work. :( It took four adult wranglers just to get the decent family picture!

Zac assisted the modeling/fitting of the Things hats.

I made a hat for Abby but it didn't fit right. So Zac tried a few ideas to fix it. The night before our church Trunk-or-Treat, I was about to have a melt down because "the stupid hat looks like crap!" So my amazing hubby called around and found one at Amelia's, a costume shop in Draper. Best $14 we ever spent!!!

We were quite the spectacle when we entered the church carnival with several requests for pictures!!! Aren't we so cute?!?

One of my BFFs (see aforementioned double date) turned her boys into Lego Blocks! They looked too cute!

I think this year Abby finally got the hang of trick-or-treat. She had fun going around to the cars, although she was a little shy and quiet. She's so funny because she is so outgoing around people she knows but has a tendency to clam up around not-so-familiar folks.

Our friend Jason has an old firetruck that is working on restoring. He dressed up as a scary firefighter and decorated his truck. It was definitely the hit of the night!!