Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holy cow....

That's the nicest way to say how we've been doing lately. :) Here's a look at our last few months...

We looked and looked and looked at houses. After finally giving up on what we thought was our dream house in Pleasant Grove, we found an awesome deal in Riverton. We offered on it the same day we saw it. Someone else offered the same day but we got it! A couple of days after we got it under contract, we were at the house with Mark, our realtor, taking measurements. In the middle of our time there, in walked another realtor to show the house. She was very confused about why we were there and Mark quickly informed her that the house was under contract! :)

We closed on May 3 and moved in that weekend. We had originally planned to take our time moving. But Zac decided to start classes for his MBA and we needed to get moved before that started. We were so sad to leave our friends in Draper but we've been so fortunate here in Riverton. We have amazing people in our neighborhood and at church. Our cul-de-sac has several little girls, which thrills Abby!!

Two weeks ago I was driving to work and was side swiped by some idiot that wasn't looking before he switched lanes. End results = wretched headache from knocking the window frame, messed up neck and back, and a totaled van. I'm so very grateful that the kids weren't with me and that things weren't worse....but it sure has made a mess of the last couple of weeks for us! We just got another van today (same exact model, just a different color - dark blue) and are working on getting all the medical stuff lined up.

Another bit of craziness....some sort of stomach issue has been bothering us, especially the babies. Cami and Emma (more Emma) have been vomiting and had diarrhea off and on for over a month. After a few trips to the pediatrician and one visit to the ER, we're still not 100% sure what's going on. Things got better for a few days, then it all started over. We have another appt next week and are going to get in with a pediatric GI dr as soon as we can.

As crazy as things have been, we are trying hard to see the Lord's hand in our life. We have been so blessed that the car accident wasn't more serious, that we were able to find a van for just the right price and we have fabulous friends and family who are so loving and supportive. Although Zac and I have both had a few meltdowns, we are trying to stay positive and trust that things will work out for the best.

Well, that's a brief update. i'm hoping to get some pictures and some more fun information up soon. So stay tuned! :)