Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Are you showing yet?"

That's the question I get the most when I talked to family and friends in Arkansas. So I finally had Zac take some pictures tonight. Not the best ever -- I'm exhausted after cooking all day -- but it proves that I am showing at only 16.5 wks. EEEIIIK!!! I'm not sucking my belly in, but not pushing it out at all, either -- this is just me and the babies!

The hand draped over the top of the belly is always good for some added definition!

I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday. An ultrasound isn't scheduled, but I'm hoping that he'll decide to do one. I doubt it - but still hoping! I want to know what color(s) to buy!! Make sure all of you guys are still praying for at least one boy!! That way I at least have the option of calling it quits. ;)

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turn-turn10 said...

HOORAY for belly bump! Dude so I guess I wasn't so into kids or didn't get it as much when you were pregnant with Abby because I honestly don't remember being this excited back then... 'Tis so cool! :D

Anyways, count down the days till you have a house full... 16 days! We leave for LA in 9! Jeez!