Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boy(s) or Girl(s)???

Well, we didn't find out this week....but we have an ultrasound date! Friday, March 27 we will (hopefully!) find out the genders of the babies. (Kendyl's birthday and the Elliotts will be here visiting!) I'm already pretty much no caffeine and much lower sugar. So that week I'm going to cut back more on the sugar and then drink a big Coke slurpee on the way to the appt. Get those babies moving! :)

Fingers crossed for at least one boy!!!! Of course, we'll be grateful and happy for what the Lord sends us...main thing is that theyr'e healthy. But I still want at least one boy....!! ;)


Mary said...

I'm excited to find out what your having!!! Keep us posted

Natalie Wyeth Backus said...

I'm going to guess that your having twin boys. I can't wait to find out (probably not as much as you) what yor babies will be.