Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pink, pink and more PINK!!!!

Or RED! My in-laws bought us some baby stuff at Carter's yesterday and I was super excited to get some red and a really pretty bright teal color. I love the cute pastels, but I also like to put my babies in brighter colors.

Well, Baby A is a little girl. And we're preeeetttty sure (about 98%) that Baby B is also a little girl. I have another ultrasound in a month and I'll get the tech to try and check again, just to be sure. Since my nephew, Garrett, was supposed to be a girl, I'd rather know for sure. :)

We were a little bummed at first. Like most guys, Zac wants someone to 'carry on the family name' and I want a little football player. So now my girls will just have to play sports. :) But, everything looks good health-wise and that's REALLY all that matters to us. Besides, this way we don't have to buy quite as much stuff. Although right now I am kinda regretting selling so much stuff in consignment sales. :/

So we are open to girl names. We have one picked out - Camille/Camilla, and she'll go by Cami. So we need something that goes with Abby and Cami. Nothing weird, please. :)


Mary said...

Congrats!!! 2 little girls - how fun. (that is what I voted) I hope all goes well!

emphoto2003 said...

So do you have nursery colors picked out yet so we can start planning? I really think Cami is cute. Do you want the other name to end in the "e" sound, too? Should it also start with a 'c'? The only one I thought of was Carly...Cami and Carli. Good luck with names. We had a hard time...well, I didn't, but Lemuel did. Whatever you like, just get Abby to like it and then you can convince! :)

I'm super excited for you!

Josie said...

How exciting!! Congrats! Girls are the best! (We were the same way though, we hoped for a boy!)

One Sassy Mama said...

Yay! Two girls will be good times...

Abby and Camie are cute together-- maybe you should go for a B name--so then you will have your A,B,C's?

My cousin just named her little girl Bailey.

OR if you aren't a fan of the "B"--I love the names Sophie, Lilly, or Gracie). I am so excited for you!

Mandi and Adam Galovan said...

That's so fun! I love the name Cami. However, we already have Cameron so I don't think we'll be using Cami. :) Good luck with everything. Hopefully we can see you guys again soon.

TroxelTribe said...

I know that I I've said this before, but you're gonna LOVE having a house of girls! Personally, I think it's fabulous! :) I am so uber excited for you! :D
Hmmm, for names... do you want them to start with the same letter or sound somewhat similar? The names that I have in my head for our next girl are: Lana, Nora (aaron is voting for this one, b/c it's his name backwards - minus an a of course), and Amelia. And I LOVE Camilla/Camille. We've talked about that one too. I'm sure you'll find the perfect one! Yay!!

Hey, I also was going to offer - if you want to use some of our stuff, you can (you have to come and visit and get it, lol). Our swing recently started eating batteries in a day, so probably not that, but other stuff you could borrow and then not to have to buy another one. Just a thought.

TroxelTribe said...

Hey, I was thinking about names today. Finding names is one of my favorite parts of being pg! lol I don't know exactly what you're looking for, but I kinda like it when twin names start with the same letter, so I was looking up 'C' names and thought that Chloe and Cassandra both fit well with Camille and Abby. I thought they're kinda of the same 'old' names but are kinda new and fun too (like sophie). Good luck - I love finding names! :)