Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Abby's first haircut!!

I've been considering trimming Abby's hair for awhile now. It gets so tangled and trying to comb out the snarls is a daily battle with her. I, of course, was not going to cut it. Cutting hair is not something I do well and I certainly wasn't going to attempt it for her very first haircut. I didn't want anything 'big' - no bangs, no layers, just a trim. I found the Cookie Cutters Kids Salon online (and also after the recommendation of my friend, Sarah White) and decided to give it a shot. After joining their e-mail list, I got a coupon and we were good to go!

This place is AWESOME for kids. The $10 we spent seemed a little bit much for what little haircutting actually went on in Abby's case. But it was well worth it for the distractions and the overall ease of the experience. They have a little playground for the waiting kids. While getting their hair cut, the kids sit in little cars and can eat suckers and watch a movie. How cool is that?

The before shot - my baby's hair has NEVER been cut. Not even when she was a baby and had those random little 5-6 hairs that were about an inch longer than all the rest. Certain people threatened to cut it - luckily for them, other people talked them out of it. :)

Spraying her down with water. She wasn't fond of this at first, but the Dora movie and the sucker provided good distractions.

Not sure if it's a good idea to drive while getting your hair cut. :) I held back the tears, but it was very sad to see those baby hairs getting cut. :(

All straight across the bottom. Looking like a big girl!

I need to learn how to braid as fast as Melanie. Then Abby could have cute pigtails all the time.

And so we survived the first haircut. It will be interesting to see how her hair changes as she gets older. Mine used to look a lot like hers. Now it's -- well, the way it is. :) So we'll see how my Abby Punkin -- and her upcoming little sisters -- does with her hair in the future.


Anonymous said...

LOL You are a hoot! I remember when mom cut Garrett's curls off! My lil baby's poor hair! I came home and before I saw Garrett, I found a bag of his curls on the kitchen table and I thought I was going to have a heart attack! It was the most depressing thing EVER! Of course, I think he was about a year and a half old and not almost 3!!!! You funny, sister!!

Elliott family said...

He's also a BOY! But it's a good thing nobody ever cut Abby's hair without my approval. It would have been hazardous to their health. :)

Natalie Wyeth Backus said...

That place looks like amazing. My boys both have had their hair cut several times and I still get seem to get sentimental every time. some how it makes them look more like boys and not like a baby. I wish they would stop growing up.

emphoto2003 said...

I want to get my haircut there! Isaac STILL cries when he gets his haircut! Lemuel has been cutting it with clippers for about a year or two now. I was terrified at first that he would look horrible but am slowly trusting!

She looks like such a big girl!