Sunday, April 05, 2009

Abby & Mommy have craft night

A couple of days ago, I bought Abby a pair of safety scissors. She keeps wanting to use mine, so I let her pick out some of her own at Wal-Mart. She went for the purple ones and was so excited when I told her she could use them last night. And I, of course, had to take pictures - for blogging and scrapbooking, of course! :)

It was funny to watch her with the scissors. I handed them to her and she just sat there holding them. That's when I realized, "Duh! She doesn't know what to do!" So I showed her how to put her fingers in them and move up and down to cut. Here she is trying to figure out how to put her fingers in.

Our first try at cutting paper!

The fruits of Abby's labor. :)

She did a lot of upside down cutting like this. I figured this was a good shot to get Aunt Christine's professional evaluation. :)

Cutting a new piece of paper. I also let her use one of my glue sticks and gave her bits and pieces of stuff I was working on.


Christine Schilling said...

She looks good with the scissors :o) is normal for her to try cutting at the top of the paper and just 'snipping' the paper. No worries there :o) Give her a little while and I won't be surprised if she is cutting all the way across paper with no problem at all!

TroxelTribe said...

ahh, how fun! I need to do more stuff like that with sophie. the sugar cookies/decorating/tea party was enough for me for awhile. lol i can't wait for brielle to get older and then we can do so much girly stuff together! lol of course, by then we'll probably have another and the same problem of what to do with the baby ;) lol it looks like she had a ton of fun! go you!

Elliott family said...

Lori, I'm not the world's greatest at doing stuff like that - so I was proud of myself! :) We do cook together a lot and a she enjoys that. But I'm trying to teach her how to 'do' more crafty stuff so that I can get some of my scrapbooking done! :)

turn-turn10 said...

She can already use scissors better than Aunt Kirsten.

*sigh*. I was just not meant to be a crafty, put-together, homemaker type of person. Oh well. I'll be President or something.