Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Draper's Easter Egg Hunt

I'd been keeping my fingers crossed that the rain in the forecast would hold off so that I could take Abby to hunt eggs - and it did! After the hunt, we went to eat breakfast at McDonald's and it started raining when we pulled up. Hooray for good timing! :)

Zac, of course, had to work. Gotta love Saturdays in the retail world! So we made sure to get a festive shot of Abby & Daddy before we left to "get EASSER EGGS" and to see the "EASSER BUNNY!"

The landscape for the 0-2 yr old hunt. Lots of eggs and lots of kiddos!

The firetruck blew its horn and the kids were off! Abby was soooo excited about getting the eggs and candy - it was so cute to watch!

After Abby had gotten several eggs from her little area (and the eggs went fast, let me tell you) she realized there was lots of loose candy to be picked up, too.

Showing off the loot!

It was amusing to me that so much time had gone into the preparations for this egg hunt. And it was over in less than 90 seconds! Abby had a blast and it made me feel a little bit better since she wasn't able to hunt eggs with her cousin. She saw the Easter bunny from about twenty yards away and freaked - she wasn't nearly as brave as she told everyone she was! :)


Mandi and Adam Galovan said...

Looks like fun; we skipped our egg hunt because of the rain. We didn't want our kids getting all wet and sick.

Elliott Mom said...

I was so glad that it didn't rain while we were there...it was actually a little bit sunny and nice during the hunt. Yea! :)

TroxelTribe said...

Yay for no rain!! It's nice that they do an egg hunt though. Not many places did around here. Last year we took Sophie to one at the park around the corner - it was put on by a church about a block away from our church - and we ended up leaving before the hunt even started! They were playing this Christian RAP music!!! AT A KID'S EVENT! What's with that? I was soooo pissed. Anyway, it rained and poured and rained and poured here anyway but we did an egg hunt at Grandma Troxel's house (inside) with her cousins, so she had a great time.