Friday, April 03, 2009

A Mom's Life....random thoughts from me...

Abby woke up at 4:00am today. And decided that she didn't want to go back to sleep. The minute she hits our bedroom, Zac is out and into her bed. He has to work, so he sleeps there and Abby comes in with me. (We've gotta stop this habit - we're just both kinda lazy at that time of the morning.) For two hours, I got punched, kicked, smacked and talked to. Around 6:00, I gave up and we came into the living room - Abby on the little couch and me, attempting to sleep on the big one. I turned on Sesame Street, thinking she would be totally enthralled with the TV like she usually is in the mornings. But not today! She decided to pet me, tell me she was, "Going to school to play with kids!" and tell me ALL about the Sesame Street episode she was watching. When I started getting angry with her, she came over and patted my arm, told me, "It's ok Mommy, I wuv you too," and kissed me. How could I stay mad at that??

Earlier this week, a lady from church posted this status on her Facebook: "You know you are a mom when your toddler hands you a booger and you take it from him!!! Yuck!" It's so true. When I talked to my friend Sarah about this, we also discussed when kids don't like something they're eating and spit it out in your hand. Or when they start to throw up and you try to catch it....Sorry if I grossed any of you out. But I know that most of my readers are mothers, too - so you understand. :)

Abby's gotten taller and it's time to raise the shoulder straps on her carseat. I just took the cover off her carseat so I can clean the whole thing and I'm amazed at what I found in all the nooks and crannies....some leaves, a green Lego (we don't even own any Legos - hmmm), M&Ms, Smarties, half a chicken nugget, a couple of french fries, a few fruit snacks and some USG - Unidentified Sticky Gunk.

And for some reason, most of choose to do the motherhood thing more than once. One of those times that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. :)

PS - All of you loyal readers of mine...leave me some comments. I need to feel the love. :)


Mary said...

Motherhood is so fun - sometimes not at 4:00am! but it is all so worth it!

Tracey C. said...

You really are a great mom

One Sassy Mama said...

When I lived in AZ, Sesame Street came on at 2 am. Yes, I discovered this on the nights that one of my kids would wake up for no reason...except to be awake. I was always grateful to the local PBS station for thinking of young mothers in need...or maybe they were just too lazy to find different programming at 2 am? hehe

Natalie Wyeth Backus said...

Sorry, I haven't been very good about leaving comments...but know that I am a loyal reader and I love to read what you have been up to. Abby is so grown up. Why do they have to grow up so fast?!

emphoto2003 said... We have that stuff all over the car and house. You'd be amazed at what you'll find. Abby is turning into such a big girl!! She will love being a big sister!

TroxelTribe said...

I'm sorry! I know that when you're pg you NEED your sleep! Hopefully it won't happen again!I would totally do the same thing if I was pg and Sophie would sleep in our bed. Mostly though she just wants to talk to me and get down and play in my room.
Anyway, yes, motherhood changes things COMPLETELY. lol

turn-turn10 said...

Okay, so I had to catch up on some posts & I like died laughing at this one.

green lego possibly from carter's at the outlet shops? they had legos. :)

and as to the booger/puke/spit-up thing, as with many things ive told you, im sure it will chnge for me, but as of now, i'm utterly repulsed. lol.