Friday, February 29, 2008

Tutts and Elliotts

The day after our anniversary started pretty slow. We got ready for our family pictures which we had decided would be fun to do every year around our anniversary. That went pretty good. Abby was a bit of a pill! Then we preceded to drop off the rental car since my truck was finally fixed and come on home. After a quick bite and doing around, we all came outside to wash the cars. Abby had been taking a nap, so she ate a PB sandwich in the back of my pickup. About the time we got done, John and Ashley showed up ready to take the kids to Burns Park. It was a pretty awesome day! Afterwards we went out for some pizza and salad, the ladies went to Rhea Lana and John and I went swimming at the hotel with the girls. THAT WAS FUN! Two grown men taking 3 little girls swimming. Too bad we didn't get pics, probably looked pretty funny.

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TroxelTribe said...

Too cute!
What a good idea about taking pics around your anniversary - that way you always remember. :) Abby is getting so big I just can't believe it!!