Sunday, February 24, 2008

18 months of Abby

On Friday (the 22nd) Abby was officially 18 months old. I can't BELIEVE it's been a year and a half since she was born; and over 2 years since I found out I was pregnant. Time flies soooo fast! We've been so blessed by our sweet girl. We've recently started reading scriptures with her every night. She knows that we read a few verses and then she folds her arms to say prayers. It's so awesome how quickly littles ones catch on. My baby's so smart! (Not that I'm biased or anything..haha)

This morning I was getting Abby a banana for breakfast and she pointed to it and said "Nana." Adding that to her little list of words, she's saying a few things now. Zac's sisters said that she said "dishes" the other night. She is in love with babies and wants to hold any baby that we come across. When she holds her baby dolls, she hugs them and is very motherly...too cute! She loves to blow kisses at everybody when we leave somewhere.

I've got to drop off my clothes for the Rhea Lana consignment sale that is this coming week/weekend. I can't believe I'm going to be shopping for 2T summer clothes -- yikes!!

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TroxelTribe said...

Yeah, I agree that time flies! Abby sounds a lot like Sophie... she LOVES her baby dolls or any babies. She rocks them, sings to them, feeds them, wraps them up in blankies, dances with them, etc. It's so cute!
Sophie has always been a little talker, but since 18 mo old she really blossomed... I swear she learns a new word every day - so get ready!