Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Elliott tradition

After Zac posted the washer picture, I got some questions about it. When Rick, my father-in-law, was a baby, his parents took a picture of him in the washer with a box of detergent. My in-laws carried on the tradition with Zac and, of course, we did the same with Abby. Here are all three pictures...a strange tradition, I suppose, but everybody has their quirks, right? :o)


The Troxel Family said...

Too funny! I love all the pictures :) What a cute tradition! maybe you could sell it to Tide for a commercial (although Zac's isn't with Tide, that could be a problem)!

emphoto2003 said...

That's so cute! I wish Zac's had been Tide, too, but I love it!!!