Monday, May 12, 2008

Ponytail Challenge

Thanks to a friend's blog, I've discovered a blog called The Ponytail Challenge ( It's the coolest blog. Every week she gives a new challenge to her readers - challenges that are basically meant to make you a better person, usually with a humorous twist, or at least a funny story about how she came to give that specific challenge. Last week's challenge, "Awesome Me," was a little more serious and it's one that I'm just now doing. She challenged everyone to list five good things about themselves and to think about those five things whenever you felt yourself starting to sink down. She had this quote on her blog:

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, but there is something noble in being superior to your former self."

I like it. And so, after MUCH thought, here are my five things:

1. I have great curly hair. It makes getting ready in the mornings super easy.
2. I love to help my friends.
3. I'm a good cook.
4. I have a pretty good talent with music.
5. I stick to my guns when something is important. I've gotten better at this since having a child with food allergies...non-understanding church grandmas like to push cheesy, milky foods on small children!

It's kinda sad that this is probably a hard challenge for most moms. So, I am challenging all of my blog readers to let me know what your five AMAZING traits are...can't wait to hear them!! But you should also check out the Ponytail Challenge - you can win prizes if you do the challenges!!

Have a great week!!


emphoto2003 said...

What a cute blog! On the latest challenge can I say showdown on my entire house?! I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

I agree to all of your list!

TroxelTribe said...

I have seen the link on your page before, and I love that blog! It always seems to make me smile :)
Good for you for doing the challenge! I'll have to think about it.