Sunday, July 20, 2008

Elliott's Excellent Eats

I created a new blog! Actually, I just took the 'junk blog' that Zac made awhile back and decided to do something with it. I love to get and share recipes, so I started a recipe blog! You can link to it from the right of this blog, under Websites to Visit. If you have any yummy recipes, please e-mail them to me ( and I will gladly put them on my blog. If you try any of the recipes, post a comment and let me know!!

NOTE: I have some Pampered Chef stoneware that I don't use, it's just taking up space in my cabinet. I have a 12 cup muffin pan and a pizza stone - if anybody wants it, let me know!!


Jennifer said...

You DON'T use your pizza stone????? That has to be the one thing in my kitchen that I use ALL the time! In fact, I just got my second. I love cookies baked on it. Now I have two, one cooking in the oven and the second I can get ready to put in when the first comes out. I too have the 12 cup muffin stone, and I don't use it very often. You may want to rethink the pizza stone...there are TONS of uses for it, not just pizza and cookies!

TroxelTribe said...

How fun! I actuallly am in the process of making another blog too - I'll let you know when it gets more to the ready stage. I'm hoping to have lots and lots of stuff for mommies and then when (cross your fingers) it gets popular enough, we'll do giveaways too. I'm also going to have my mommy friends contribute if they want, hint hint, nudge nudge. We'll do parenting stuff, recipes, crafty projects, etc. I'll let you know.

The recipes look great btw! The taco ring looks so neat for parties and whatnot. I would love your PC stuff, but we're so far away. It'd be easier to give it to someone close!