Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Abby says...

I promise, I'm working on a good update with pictures and such. It's coming, I promise....

Last night, Zac and I were talking with Abby about Jesus and similar topics. She is giving a talk in Primary this Sunday and her topic is "The Holy Ghost testifies of the truth of all things." Here are a few highlights:

Us: "When we're nice and make good choices, the Holy Ghost and Jesus can be with us. They help us choose the right."
Abby: "But Jesus can't come into our house because he's too big."

A: "Does Jesus have a dog?"

A: "Does Jesus live with His mom and dad? He lives at the temple."

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The Slack Family said...

Hi Sarah! This is Holly, from your ward. I saw a comment on Jen Young's blog you left so that is how I found your cute blog. Hope you don't mind I'm peeking at it :) Hope you and your darling family are having a great summer!!