Saturday, April 19, 2008

Challenge and updates

Since we need to work on our budgets (monetary and caloric) we decided to challenge ourselves to NO EATING OUT for the next week. This includes even stopping for a drink at Sonic. I will update you next week and let you know how we do! For our 'last supper' so to speak, we went to Shorty Smalls and used some gift certificates my sister gave us. We split a bbq pork salad and a Monte Cristo sandwich. For those of you (like me) who had never heard of that sandwich, here's a description from the SS website:
Slices of ham, turkey, Swiss and American cheese sandwiched between Texas toast then battered and deep fried. Topped with powdered sugar and a side of raspberry sauce for dipping.

Sounds disgusting, doesn't it? Strangely, it was really good. I'm a fairly picky eater (not nearly as much as I used to be) and I liked it. Weird...

Thursday we went shopping to get Zac some new clothes. We've both lost 35+ pounds (working on more!) and need new clothes, but this paycheck was for Zac to get some stuff. At JCPenney, we got him two new pair of dress pants, three dress shirts and some new dress shoes. Then we went to Old Navy for two pair of shorts and two shirts. My hottie husband is looking mighty fine these days!! :o)

Abby is doing some funny stuff now. When music comes on, she will spin herself around in a circle and/or make fists and shake her arms up and down. It's sooo cute! We're still working on getting her to talk ("use your words" is what we tell her) instead of just saying "uh! uh!" and grabbing toward what she wants. She has developed a slight interest in the potty, especially if she comes in the bathroom while I'm there. We'll probably get her a little potty in the next few weeks, just so she can start checking it out. I can't believe we are approaching potty training - EIK!!


TroxelTribe said...

That's so great for you guys - congrats on the weight loss! It's nice that you guys are doing it together and have that support system in house :) Aaron has never done a diet with me, but he's super good at supporting and not bringing stuff into the house.
We've had a potty seat for months and months now. Sophie sits on it before bath every night and we sing songs, etc. If she goes, we give her some M&Ms, but so far, I think we're pretty far from potty training. I just wanted her to like it and not be afraid of it like some other kids are.

TroxelTribe said...

When are you going to post a pic of yourself?