Monday, April 14, 2008

Poor, poor pitiful me

I don't see how single moms do it. I was just in the middle of having a pity party for myself and realized that. I put in my 40 hours at work, then come home and work some more, trying to do all the 'normal' wife/mom stuff - cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. And in the middle of all that, I try to put in a little quality time with my child. HA.

But, in trying to get out of my pitiful funk, I realized that I at least have someone who comes home at night and will take out the trash or put some dishes away. (He used to cook, but now he comes home too There are a lot of parents that are doing it alone - and they have all my respect, because I don't think I could do it.

Then there's the stress I (and probably all moms) put on myself about Abby maybe not being 'up to par.' Maybe if I could stay home she would be talking more, learning more, blah blah blah. Why do we women do this to ourselves?



Matt and Natalie said...

I think you're a wonderful mom. I also think you are amazing for all the hard work you do. Abby is a very lucky girl to have parents who love her so much. I think the fact that you worry about it proves how much you care about her. I think it is one of satan's tricks against mom's to make them feel discouraged. I know I struggle with that constantly. In fact I started crying the other night because I felt like I wasn't doing enough for my family. That dand satan needs a kick in the pants. Anyways, now that I have written a novel...I hope you have a great day!

TroxelTribe said...

I agree with Natalie that you're a wonderful mom and that feeling that way is probably one of Satan's tricks. I also would dare to say that all moms feel that way on and off. I feel that way on and off too - feeling guilty that since I AM a sahm maybe I should be doing more, or my house should be cleaner, or I should be volunteering, etc. I think we're all doing wonderful jobs when it comes down to it. Our houses don't have to be Martha Stewart clean or decorated. Our kids have to be fed, sheltered, and most importantly loved. And they are :)