Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the TRAIN!!!

Last Saturday night, we rode the Trax to Salt Lake. The Trax is basically an above ground subway - a train. Abby loooooved the train! She wants to take the train to Wal-Mart, to church, home and she wants to take everybody on the train - Hope, Nana and Megan should all make plans to ride the train. :o)

Our reason for going to SLC was to visit The Gateway. Here's the description from the website:

The Gateway is
Salt Lake City's only open-air contemporary destination that delivers the ultimate in shopping, dining, and entertainment. Shop and dine at over 130 stores and restaurants.

Visit the beautifully restored 1908 Union Pacific Depot featuring early French Renaissance architecture and original artwork. Also, enjoy the Olympic Legacy Plaza featuring the "dancing waters" of the Olympic Snowflake Fountain that is overlooked by a classic clock tower.

It's pretty cool. Going on our neighbor's recommendation, we ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. It was yummy. Very fresh tasting. We had Avocado Club Egg Rolls and the Buffalo Chicken and California Club pizzas. Abby ate chicken and broccoli - two of her favorite things! It took us longer than we'd planned to get to the Trax depot, so we were late getting there. By the time we got there, a lot of the stores were closing. So we just walked around and looked. It's a reeeaaallly cool shopping center and it's so HUGE! We got cookies for dessert at Ben's Cookies. Abby thought it was pretty cool to have a big cookie all to herself.

That was pretty much our evening. Just hanging out and seeing some more of our surroundings. I figure we'll pretty much be tourists for the next year or so. But that's ok - we're having fun. :o)

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Bethany said...

Being a tourist is one of the best things about moving! Always tons of interesting new things to see and appreciate in a new place. Here's another (free) tourist idea for you: When we lived near where you are, Colin and I used to take the kids to Cabella's down around Lehi (just South of you on the freeway). They have a big aquarium and a bunch of taxidermied (is that a word?) wild animals that the kids loved to look at--and since it's all part of the store, it's all free to look at. Let me know if you get bored and need more ideas!