Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I'm at 33 weeks today - four weeks until my goal due date. Right now, my only goal is to not go into labor until Zac gets back from Denver (he'll be gone all next week). After that - I'm game for anything! :)

Sorry I'm a bit behind; sitting at the computer isn't really comfortable for me, so I have to do this stuff in spurts. I've had two more NSTs and another scheduled for tomorrow. So far, everything is great. The babies are moving and their heartbeats are on target. My blood pressure is great. No contractions showing up on the monitor. I have another actual appointment on Tuesday, so I'll get measured and all that good stuff.

Our van croaked yesterday after driving to SLC. Zac tried to fix it, but had to go to work, so we ended up taking it to someone. Fingers crossed that it won't cost too much and will be done by this weekend before Zac leaves.

The ladies at church threw me a wonderful shower last night! Next week (with Kirsten's help!), I'll be trying to get some baby stuff in order, clothes washed, etc. Abby is excited to have Kirsten come - I know she's tired of having to put up with slow, enormous Mommy. :/

Pictures to come, I promise....just wanted to update for everybody! :)

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