Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today's doctor visit

So today we spent awhile at the hospital. We started off with an ultrasound, which went very well; no almost-passing-out episodes like last time! The babies are running a little ahead of schedule, size-wise, but nothing major. I'm at 31 wks, 6 days and they were measuring exactly one week ahead at 32 wks, 6 days. Baby A weighs around 4lbs, 13 oz and Baby B weighs around 5lbs, 5 oz. About a half pound apart, so both pretty much right on target. Heartbeats are good and strong, each around 140bpm.

Next, we moved on to the non-stress test, my first of SEVERAL to come! It took the tech quite awhile to get Baby B's heartbeat steady on the monitor. Once the monitors are on, they have to monitor for at least twenty minutes and get two readings that show the babies' heartbeat going at least 15% above the 'resting rate.' Since we'd just eaten lunch, the babies were moving all over the place, so we got good readings - all is well!

Last, on to the doctor appointment. My blood pressure is great, so they aren't too worried about the swelling that has started in my feet/ankles. No contractions (that I can tell, anyway) and everything "looks great." We talked to the Nurse Midwife and she said Dr. Silver would be about 10 minutes. She came in about 3 minutes later and told us to go ahead and go home because he was "running to deliver a baby."

A sad thing that happened, though: When I went out to tell Zac I was moving from the NST room to the regular exam room, there were a couple of teenage girls out in the hall, crying. On our way out, we saw the same girls with (it appeared to be) the rest of their family in the Sanctuary Room, all in tears. I don't know what was wrong, but when you see people crying in the Maternal/Labor/Delivery area, it just can't be good. So when you say your prayers tonight, remember to pray for all those who might be in need of comfort...and be thankful for all the things you have!


Terresa said...

Sad to see the tears and wonder what happened...I hope they are OK.

Btw, I never had any tests done when I was pregnant with my twins except for a doc checking on their sizes. I was a walking stress-test myself without all that extra poking/prodding and stuff.

Keep up the good twin-pregnant-mama work! You can do it. You rock!

Leslie said...

I am so glad everything is going so well.

Frieda said...

Glad everything is going well!

Pete and Bekah Ackerman said...

Wow! You're little twins are growing growing growing! I can't wait to meet them!

TroxelTribe said...

Yay for growth right on target :) You certainly don't need two little.. err big Abby's in there. Ouch! ;) I'm so glad everything is looking ok for you and the babies!! How's Abby taking everything so far?