Friday, June 12, 2009

30 weeks comparison

If all goes well, I'm down to about seven weeks before the babies get here.


Small freak out aside, I wanted to post the more technical, 30 wk comparison belly pictures. You can compare to my 30 wks pregnant with Abby pictures that I posted a few weeks ago.

I am now accepting all pity comments. But you are only allowed to joke if you have also carried twins. :)

And I also thought I would share Abby's "owie" from sliding down all the inflatables on her belly. She keeps telling me that she needs to go to the doctor...then in the same breath tells me that she wants to "go jumpin' with Daddy again!!" So it obviously doesn't bother her too much!


Terresa said...

You look great, girl!

No matter what anyone says, you can do this. If I had a toddler (22 months) and newborns twins and somehow did it (and I'm no superwoman) can, too! ;)

I've blogged about my twin experience, here's a link to one post:

PS: I'm going to email you my 40 weeks pregnant twin pictures and you can laugh...or cry. Now let me see if I can find your email address...

TroxelTribe said...

Hot momma! You're looking great - really!

Elliott Mom said...

Thanks, Lori! I always count on your comments for my much-needed self esteem boost! :)