Thursday, June 11, 2009

Daddy's days off

The last two days have been GREAT and Abby and I have thoroughly enjoyed finally having Zac at home for a few days. He'll be off again tomorrow and then it's back to his regular, 2.5 days off each week, schedule. While we all wish he could take a week's vacation, we just don't have it right now. Saving one week for the babies and one week for a trip home in October. But after 41 days of him working without a break, we'll definitely take what we can get!!

Most of Tuesday was spent in Salt Lake for my dr appt. The rest of the day we just hung out around the house. Wednesday, Zac caught up on a few things and then we went to Jumpin Jacks. A friend had told me about this place and it was AWESOME! Parents can jump, too. I didn't get to, of course, but Zac had a good time running around with Abby!

We started her off in this little castle play area designed for kids 6 yrs and under. She wasn't really sure about it at first - I think the unsure footing kind of freaked her out. While she was checking this out, Zac went down one of the big slides....then came back for our girl.

You can't really see her face but she was skeptical, to say the least.

Then they moved on to another big slide and she started to warm up! Not sure who this other little girl is, but she apparently thought Zac was pretty cool. She kept asking to slide down with him and Abby.

Another slide...Abby was having a BLAST!

When she went by herself, she generally slid down on her belly. Funny to watch and she had a grand time. She did, however, end up with a little owie on her tummy from the friction. But she'll be ok! :) I think in her mind, it was totally worth it!

Just a few general shots to give you an idea of the size of these inflatables....a very awesome place!!


emphoto2003 said...

We have a couple of places like this here. Isaac calls it the 'jumper'. There is one in Maumelle that we go to all of the time. I can't believe what a workout you get from jumping around in these things!

Mary said...

This place looks like a blast - I will have to try it with my kiddos this summer

turn-turn10 said...

I mustttt go!!! :)
Totally taking Abby back whenever I can come back up!

Christine Schilling said...

Since you're always asking for OT advice...this place is awesome! Go as much as possible with that sweet little girl. It's a GREAT sensory experience! :o)