Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Belly comparison

Kirsten asked me to post pics of my belly from when I was pregnant with Abby, for comparison to now. The closest ones I could find are from when I was 30 wks pregnant with Abby. Right now, I'm at 29 weeks, but I'll compare it to the pictures I posted a week ago when I was at 27.5 wks. If I remember, I'll get Zac to take some 30 wk pictures next week for a more exact comparison. :)

Pregnant with Abby at 30 weeks

Pregnant with the twins at 27.5 weeks

I showed Zac the comparison and he said, "You're gonna be ginormous." Thanks, honey. :)


TroxelTribe said...

yeah, thanks Zac, way to make you feel better, huh? lol
Personally, I think you're looking great!

Elliott Mom said...

Thanks, Lori! :)