Sunday, June 07, 2009


Found this online and thought it was kind of cute (in an ugly kind of way-hehe):

"A June 5, 2009 handout photo released by the Lincoln Children's Zoo shows twin Matschie's tree kangaroo joeys peeking out of their mother Millas' pouch. Zoo authorities say the two male Matschie's (MATCH-ees) tree kangaroos weigh about a half pound each and are about 8 inches tall. The fraternal twins were first discovered in December."

Then I did a little Google search and found this website with some other cute animal twins. Awww!!


TroxelTribe said...

awwwww - very cute!

And doesn't it also make you incredibly grateful that you're not that elephant who had to have twins??!! Plus, they're pg for something like 3 yrs.... I'm so glad I'm not an elephant.

slhgramms said...

Definitely in an ugly sort of way!! Yucky!
Love Ya

Christine Schilling said...

um...I love you but this is really gross!

Elliott Mom said...

Ok, ok, no more baby kangaroos in their momma's pouches. Sorry! ;)