Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Baby update

Ok, since nobody wants to see the kangaroos on the opening screen, I'll post something else so you don't have to look at it. :)

I had a dr appt today - no ultrasound, just a regular appointment. Everything is looking good. Blood pressure was good, no major pain in any areas. They measured my fundus height and I got a good laugh. (In normal terms, they measured the size of my uterus. In a normal, single-baby pregancy, your measurement in centimeters is equal to your gestation age. Ex - 30 cm = about 30 weeks pregnant.) Now, obviously with twins, this measurement isn't an accurate way to estimate the babies' size. They measure more to ensure that everybody is growing at a consistent, steady rate. I was discussing this with the nurse-midwife and she said, "Yeah, because you'd be a little overdue right now!" I was measuring around 42 cm. ACK!!! I've still got 7-8 weeks to go!!!

I have two weeks before my next appointment, which will include an ultrasound, appoinment, and a non-stress test. That link has some good info, if you're wondering what a NST involves. Bad news: Starting with that appointment, I will be going TWICE A WEEK to the doctor until the babies come. I'll go on Tuesdays for my regular appointments and a NST, then again on Fridays for another NST. Ugh!! I'll be able to drive to downtown SLC with my eyes closed by the time these kiddos get here!! But we'll deal with it - just need to get these babies here safe and sound!

I've got some pics to upload, promise to work on that soon! I can only sit in this computer chair for so long before I start getting really achey. But I promise, pics will be up soon!!

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turn-turn10 said...

Wow, you measuring 42cm already is kind of a reality check on how soon my little nieces are gonna be here!!! :) Anyways, you know I'm super excited so I'm not gonna keep rambling. Skype-ing Thursday still looks good, btw.