Friday, August 14, 2009


Sorry about the lack of pictures!! Before my in-laws left to go home, we had them download all of their pics onto our computer. And now...I don't have any hard drive space left. I haven't felt like moving stuff to our external hard drive and Zac hasn't had time - thus the lack of pictures. But we're working on it. :)

Just an update for those of you who are wondering....

I woke up last Friday (8/7) and my incision was leaking really badly. I called and got the nurse midwife to squeeze me in at Dr. Silver's office. When she saw my incision, she told me what I didn't want to hear: the fluid pockets behind my incision weren't going away. They were going to have to re-open the incision and we (Zac & Mom) would have to pack the wound twice a day. ICK ICK ICK!!! So we did that. I went back for a checkup last Tuesday (8/11), hoping that things were healed up enough that they could go ahead and use steri-strips to close the incision. No such luck. :/ And so, we are still packing away until my appointment this coming Tuesday afternoon. Mom and Zac both can tell that the incision has healed a lot, so we're all hoping that they can close it up on Tuesday!!!

We also had another re-screening with Susie (the audiologist) for Cami. Susie re-screened her left ear and it passed again. Her right ear still isn't passing. Susie did another small test to check Cami's eardrum, but with no reactions. Susie wanted to have the pediatrician check Cami's ears for fluid, infection, etc., so we did that at the girls' Wednesday appointment. Dr. Clayton said her ears looked perfect - good news and bad news. :/ So, we have another appointment with Susie on Tuesday morning. It's a two hour test, called an Audiotory Brainstem Response test. Depending on how that goes, we will probably end up seeing an ENT to figure out what's going on. Please keep praying for my baby's ear to heal quickly so that she can more clearly hear all of us who love her so much! We are trying to make a conscious effort to talk to her on her left side so that she doesn't miss anything.

That about sums it up. My mom is here until Aug 25 and my dad is coming out on the 22nd (Abby's birthday!) to stay for a few days. I'm soooo grateful that my mom has been able to stay so long - with my incision still acting up, I'm still so very limited as to what I can do. I'm only allowed to pick up 10 lbs at a time - barely one of my babies!! And Abby is doing such a good job of handling the changes; but it's hard for her to understand why I can't pick her up. She says, "It's ok, Mommy, your big owie is ok. You can pick me up!" So sad for a Mom to hear!! But she absolutely adores her little sisters and is so loving and sweet with them!! Seeing the faces of our three sweet girls is what makes all of this craziness worth it!


Jenn said...

So sorry to hear of all the troubles - for sure not what a new mom needs. You sound so upbeat and positive though, good for you. You have a way of doing that. Congratulations again, the baby pictures are beautiful.

Frieda said...

Your poor owie~ I hope it feels better! My folks didn't find out about my hearing impairment until I was diagnosed by an audiologist at 4 years of age. Early diagnosis and intervention are key~ Technology has come a long way! Hope everything comes out a-okay!