Sunday, November 22, 2009

We love Sundays!

Now that Zac isn't working on Sundays (WOO HOO!!) we can get back to our preferred Sunday routine, which is family-centered and kind of lazy. For Sunday meals, I usually either Crock-Pot (tradition from my dad) or do something fun. Today, Abby announced that she wanted pancakes for dinner. So she helped me make pancakes while Zac cleaned up the house a little and entertained the babies.

When we sat down for dinner, he put the babies on their play mat (on their backs). When we were almost done with dinner, I looked up and saw Cami up on her side. I yelped and all three of us ran to watch her roll over!!!! She's been trying for awhile now and finally did it!

Trying to get that stinkin' arm out of the way!!

Still trying....


And this is what Emma thought of the whole thing - LOL!

One of my goals with all of my kids has always been to not compare them. Even more so now that we have twins. Emma is a more relaxed baby than Cami - if she needs to be moved, I guess she figures someone will move her. :) Cami is ready to take on the world and go, go, go!! They're both healthy, happy and on par....perfect little additions to our crazy family!

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Bobbi Lee said...

Go Cami! I am so not ready for Aniston to start rolling over - I don't even know what I'd do if I was you and had two of them start moving on me. Good luck!