Thursday, January 14, 2010


Two awesome giveaways for you to check out:

The first giveaway is from one of my favorite bloggers, Pioneer Woman. It's a very different kind of giveaway - if you win, she will donate $500 to "the Haitian-related charity of the winners choice." And, for every comment/entry, she will donate $0.10 to charity. Since her giveaways usually yield 5,000+ entries, this is pretty awesome!

To balance out the serious, I also found a fun giveaway, via my friend Bobbi's blog. Someday Crafts (I love this blog!) is giving away a cute watch set and $10 credit from Oh So Girly! Oh So Girly! is great! It's one of the first blogs I've found that actually has cute, crafty stuff at reasonable prices!! Check out all of the blogs in here - good stuff to be found!!

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