Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Abby's prayers

I LOVE to hear Abby say prayers - it's the cutest thing! She takes us from thinking, "Awwwww..." and then the next second we're trying not to laugh in the middle. :) Tonight she wanted me to say our bedtime prayer - which usually means that she intends to interrupt in the middle with things she thinks I should add. :) Here's a pretty close idea of how it went:

Me: "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day....basic thanks......thank you that Daddy could travel safely..."

Abby: "And thank you that we could drop Daddy off at the airport and he could fly on the airplane. And thank you I go to Ella's house. And thank you for my dance class. Thank you Jesus go to church with us...."

Me: "Please keep Aunt Hope and Garrett safe as they travel tomorrow..."

Abby: "Please help Hopey and Garrett come on the plane so we can go pick them up tomorrow and I play with Garrett. Thank you help us choose the right..."

Me: "Please keep us safe..."

Abby: "Jesus Christ. Amen."

This girl CRACKS ME UP!!! I love my kids!!

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Christine said...

Precious moments :o)

Tell Hope hi for me!