Saturday, February 06, 2010

My little smarty-pants....

Zac's dad, Rick, was in SLC last week for a business conference. Of course, he spent a good chunk of his free time out here to see the grandbabies. Our kids tend to make things interesting, as all of my blog readers should know. :)

Last night, Rick and Zac were going to pick up some take out for dinner, since none of us were feeling up to par. Abby, of course, wanted to tag along. As they were driving, they passed a 7 Eleven; Abby calls 7 Eleven "The Slurpee store." Abby said she wanted a Slurpee, as she usually does. Rick reminded her that she didn't want to spoil her dinner. Without batting an eye, Abby replied,

"But, Pawpaw, a Slurpee is just a drink."

We're in big trouble when this girl hits her teenage years. :/

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Frieda said...

She is ONE smart girl!