Sunday, February 07, 2010

Abby's drawings

Today at church, we sat with the Johnsons, a young couple in our ward. It was only Abby, Emma and me - Zac stayed home to finish recovering from his bout with the flu and Cami stayed with him. Erica played with Abby and was drawing lots of pictures with her. I started watching and was pretty impressed with some of Abby's drawings. She did these all by herself:

She changed her story a few times, but said that these are drawings of her, Zac and me. Now, I'm no child development expert - but I thought these were pretty good. And so, of course, I had to share them. :)


Jennifer said...

I love it when kids start to draw things you can actually recognize. Lizzie's isn't at that stage yet, we still get scribbles. I sent the kids pictures to Joe, so i think it is cool you posted them! Hope Zac is feeling better soon!

Christine said...

They are good :o) Maybe she'll get the artsy side from her pop?'re pretty creative yourself.