Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting sick and growing up

My punkin has been sick this week. Sunday evening she was running a fever and by bedtime it was around 102. Monday morning I called in at work so I could take her to the doctor. Her strep test came back negative and we were told that it was "just a virus" that would go away in 3-5 days. As much as I didn't want her to have strep, at least that's something that you can give them meds for....viruses just stink because you can't do anything.

So, I stayed home Monday but then went back to work on Tuesday because my new mgr was being a punk. So Abby has stayed with my Mom all week and probably will tomorrow and Friday, too. She's so pitiful....her little eyes are swollen and red, she has this awful, gunky cough with a runny nose. She's coughing so much that I know her throat is sore. My poor punkin.

A few funny things this week, though. Every day it seems that her language skills are getting better. Yesterday she told Zac, "I don't feel good." Her second totally complete sentence....the first was last week when she said "I want another cracker." She puts words together all the time, but these two sentences were actually whole and made sense. Smart girl!

And, I'm off to bed. Abby has slept with me in the bed all week while Zac slept on the couch. Which meant that Zac is the only one that's gotten any sleep. But today he moved our couch into storage, so Abby had to sleep in her bed. Which, BY THE WAY, is a toddler bed. Today Zac took down her crib and she's sleeping in a real bed. I cried when I tucked her in and shut the door. I'll report tomorrow on how she did...

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TroxelTribe said...

Ugh - I hate it when Sophie is sick - you feel so helpless. In fact she's just starting to get sick again. So far it's just SUPER crabby and runny nose though. I'm hoping to avoid the rest of the uckiness.
Wow, she's in a toddler bed? That's awesome - let me know how it goes! Sophie hasn't been sleeping well and I'm just not planning on dealing with the whole toddler bed thing for awhile, especially with Aaron traveling. We have another crib that we bought used for the new baby, so we should be fine for awhile.