Sunday, December 06, 2009

Picture post

I know I haven't been posting enough pictures lately - gotta keep the Arkansas family happy! :)
So here are a few catch up pictures!

Cute sisters!! I bought Abby's shirt the night I got the positive pregnancy test; I also bought one pair of ducky pajamas...who knew I'd need another pair?!? :) Nana & Pawpaw bought the babies' shirts when they came to visit in March.

This is how I usually find the babies during/after their naps. :) One of them is generally kicking the other one, which is why the 'abused' baby wakes up.

When I'm sorting laundry or something similar, I bring the babies with me. The plan is to protect them from Abby - can't quite leave her alone with them yet. But, she usually ends up wherever we are. Fun times all day long at the Elliott house! :)

This is, according to Abby, her "Doctor Abby outfit." She cracks me up!

Doctoring one of her babies....this poor guy had a lot of things wrong with him! :)


Frieda said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing such darling pictures~

Nikki said...

Your girls are adorable! and growing so fast!