Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Big kid in the bath, babies asleep, hubby still at work. Perfect time to update the blog!

Last Thursday, the babies had their 4 month checkups. Both had to get shots...always sad! (And especially hard now that I have to calm TWO babies!!) Emma has now moved up in the world and is the reigning chubster in our house. She is 26 3/4" long and a whopping 16.5 lbs!! (About 95th percentile)

LOVE the thigh rolls!!!

Cami has given up her heavyweight title but not by too much. She is 26 1/2" long and weighs 15.5 lbs. Dr. Clayton kept saying, "They're just big babies!" This is true.

Not as rolly polly as Sister Emma, but still plenty of chub!

I found them sleeping like this a few mornings ago. Too cute!

We have a friend at church that gives us hand-me-downs from her girls (YES!!!) and this kiddie mirror was in the last batch. The babies have enjoyed it!

Through much coercion, including snacks and movies, Abby actually sat still to let me play with a hairdo. I think Santa might be bringing us some better hair accessories. Hopefully the bribery will still work after Christmas. :)

Nana, this picture is for you.
Zac's mom ordered a box of diapers for the babies (WOO!!!) and when Abby and I opened it, she was sooooo excited to see that there was a book included. She yelled, "Mickey Mouse Cubhouse, Momma!!!" She's been carrying it around and 'reading' it ever since.

Not too much going on around here. I got our Christmas cards addressed and in the I just have to remember to go by the post office. LOL I still have thank you cards to write for baby gifts - I'm such a loser. Zac and I have been searching for the perfect, chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe. We'll let you know if/when we find it.


Bobbi Lee said...

I love the chunky legs - so dang cute! And Mickey is a huge favorite at our house too. Can't wait for the christmas card!

Frieda said...

Those babies are SO cute! Don't worry, I got your thank you note ~
If you want a chewy cookie, look for one that has both shortening and butter in it...possibly ground oatmeal in it.

Morgan Koji said...

So I found this blog that is having a cookie exchange and this is one of the cookies in it. They look really tasty and Kirra and I are going to try them this weekend.

Elliott Mom said...

Oooh, the picture looks JUST like what I want, Morgan. I'll have to try them!

Mary said...

Your babies are so cute! - I love their cute baby legs!