Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Arkansas schedule

Abby and I are leaving next week for another Arkansas visit. This one is based around Christine's wedding!!! We'll be gone for almost three weeks - it'll be a fun visit, but I'm not excited to leave my hubby for that long. :o/

Anyway, here's what I have going on while I'm in Arkansas:

Wednesday, Jan 14
Arrive around 7:30pm
Sheila's birthday!

Thursday, Jan 15
Celebrate Sheila's birthday with Elliotts

Friday, Jan 16
Craft Night at church!!

Saturday, Jan 17
Christine's bachelorette PAR-TAY!!!

Monday, Jan 19
Hang out with my sisters

Some empty time - I'm open for suggestions! :)

Friday, Jan 30
Rehearsal dinner in Dallas

Saturday, Jan 31

Tuesday, Feb 3
We fly back to SLC with Hope


Jennifer said...

All I have to say is you better be at Craft Night seeing as we moved the date just for you. Plus, you did diss us last time too! And last, I want go see you! :-)

Mary said...

Have a great time in Arkansas! - Love all your pics from the Olympic Park